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Arugam Bay Unveils Ambitious Tourism Plan to Revitalize Eastern Sri Lanka

The unveiling of the new Arugam Bay Bridge, which forms a vital link between Arugam Bay and Pottuvil town, Sri Lanka, marks a significant milestone in the region’s development trajectory. 

This bridge is part of a broader vision that encompasses a 45 km stretch of golden beach extending from Pottuvil to Okanda, earmarked for future development. 

This picturesque stretch is a haven for outdoor recreational activities, boasting surfing spots, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites, and a variety of adventure and nature holidays complemented with camping facilities.

Under the strategic guidance of the Senior Advisor to the President on National Security and Chief of the Presidential Staff, Sagala Ratnayaka, the Sri Lankan government has rolled out an ambitious tourism development plan for Arugam Bay. 

This initiative is a concerted effort to rejuvenate the tourism sector in the eastern part of the country, laying a solid groundwork for economic growth and job creation in the region, according to a report by LNW.

The blueprint of the main tourism plan was crafted by the Urban Development Authority (UDA) and was deliberated upon in a high-level meeting convened at the Presidential Secretariat. 

Chaired by Ratnayaka, the meeting was centered around addressing the infrastructure bottlenecks impeding the growth of the tourism sector in Arugam Bay, and brainstorming collaborative solutions to surmount these challenges.

President Ranil Wickremesinghe has underscored the urgency of swift implementation of this comprehensive plan to metamorphose Arugam Bay into a coveted destination for both local and international tourists. 

The plan delineates promoting water sports along the Arugam Bay coastline and transitioning the existing fishing port to a better-equipped location to augment the tourist experience.

A three-year tourism development plan is on the anvil to be presented to the president, encapsulating the strategic roadmap for the ensuing phase of tourism growth in Arugam Bay. This visionary plan bifurcates into two distinct phases of development strategies aimed at catapulting the region as a premier travel destination.

The Arugam Bay Tourism Association (ABTA) is in active collaboration with the government to lure tourists to the area. The association accentuates the imperative of infrastructure development to align with modern tourism expectations, which is a pivotal focus of the main tourism plan.

The ripple effects of the Arugam Bay Tourism Development Plan reverberate to the outdoor recreation, camping, campgrounds, and caravanning industry. The infrastructural uplift and the endorsement of Arugam Bay as a prime tourist destination are projected to magnetize more visitors with a penchant for outdoor recreational activities.

Anticipated investments in campgrounds and caravan parks are set to burgeon, furnishing more options for tourists yearning for an outdoor experience. The local enterprises in the outdoor recreation and camping sector are poised to reap the benefits from the augmented footfall of tourists, thereby contributing to the local economy.

The synergy of various organizations and stakeholders is indispensable in ascertaining the success of the tourism development plan. A follow-up meeting is slated in a month to evaluate the progress of these initiatives, mirroring the government’s commitment to monitoring and ensuring the triumphant implementation of the plan.

The Arugam Bay Tourism Development Plan is a monumental stride towards propelling tourism in the Eastern region of Sri Lanka. The strategic initiatives encapsulated within the plan endeavor to elevate Arugam Bay to a world-class tourist destination, laying a robust foundation for sustainable economic growth in the region.

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March 16, 2024 4:47 am

Isn’t it exciting to see Arugam Bay developing? The government’s focus on sustainable tourism and community involvement is truly commendable, empowering locals and preserving the environment.


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