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Selangor Forestry Department Bans Picnics and Camping in Forests

Malaysia’s Selangor Forestry Department has announced that all picnicking and camping sites in the state will be closed for the next seven days due to the worsening weather conditions and monsoon season. 

The decision to close these sites was made in accordance with a directive from the Selangor State Secretariat Office, which was issued on December 17, according to a report by the Selangor Journal.

The director of the Selangor Forestry Department, Datuk Ahmad Fadzil Abdul Majid, stated that this measure is necessary to ensure the public’s safety during these adverse weather conditions.

In addition to the closure of picnicking and camping sites, the Selangor Forestry Department also issued an order in October for all forest recreational areas to cease operations until further notice. This order remains in effect until a later date.

According to Section 47 of the Selangor Forestry Act 1985 (Amendment 2018), it is prohibited for individuals to enter permanent reserve forests without a valid permit. 

Those found guilty of violating this law may face fines of up to RM30,000, imprisonment of up to five years, or both.

In light of these updates, the Selangor Forestry Department urges the public to refrain from engaging in recreational activities such as camping and bathing in forest areas and Rimba Eco Parks for the time being. 

The department emphasizes the importance of adhering to these measures in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals during this time. Those with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the department immediately.

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April 15, 2024 2:48 am

It’s crucial to respect the closure of picnic and camping spots in Selangor for everyone’s safety. Remember, sneaking into reserve forests without permits could lead to fines or even jail time!


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