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Snow Peak’s Sustainable Packaging Redesign: A Step Towards Eco-friendly Camping

Japanese camping brand Snow Peak has recently announced a complete overhaul of its product packaging, marking a significant step in its sustainability-focused projects as part of its corporate social responsibility. 

The redesign aims to make the brand’s products more environmentally friendly than ever before. By the end of 2023, Snow Peak plans to simplify packaging materials and reduce plastic and packaging materials for approximately 120 different products. More products are expected to make the transition in 2024 and beyond.

The company will use white-based FSC-certified paper for product boxes and tags, gradually introducing this sustainable material. This switch will also significantly reduce ink consumption, as per a report by Camping Trade World.

For instance, the packaging for the Amenity Dome M tent will see an 87 per cent reduction in paper products, and the Wabuki Collapsible Chopstick L will witness a 79 per cent reduction in ink consumption.

In addition to packaging redesign, Snow Peak is also focusing on several other sustainability initiatives. The company offers a lifetime warranty to repair products until they reach the end of their useful life. This initiative not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to reducing waste.

Snow Peak’s Upcycle Cotton Project is another noteworthy initiative. This recycling program produces clothes that are not disposable but can be recycled. Along with initiatives to incorporate recycled down and the use of whole-garment 3D printing, this project is significantly lowering the environmental impact of the brand’s apparel products.

In collaboration with Updater Inc, Snow Peak locations in Japan and the US are now converting natural energy into electricity at all offices, retail spaces, and campfield locations. This initiative is a testament to Snow Peak’s commitment to renewable energy and reducing its carbon footprint.

Snow Peak is also commercializing TranTixxi-Eco, the world’s first environmentally-friendly, pure titanium material, in cooperation with Nippon Steel Corporation. This material utilizes 50% recycled material, reducing CO² emissions by half. 

This material innovation will debut with the Recycled Aurora Bottle and will be incorporated into more of the brand’s classic titanium products.

For campers and RVers, Snow Peak’s sustainable packaging redesign and other initiatives offer an environmentally-friendly choice. The company’s commitment to sustainability not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances the camping experience by offering durable and sustainable products.

Snow Peak’s sustainable packaging redesign and other initiatives are significant steps towards a more sustainable future. The company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact while offering high-quality products is a testament to its corporate social responsibility.


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