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Treehouse Hotels & Resorts Pioneers Caravan Parks in India: A Blend of Adventure and Luxury

The realm of hospitality is witnessing a transformative phase in India, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Treehouse Hotels & Resorts

This brand, under the ownership of Karma Hospitality, has unveiled an avant-garde concept that promises to redefine vacationing for the Indian populace – caravan parks.

At the heart of this innovation lies a harmonious blend of two contrasting worlds. On one side, there’s the raw, unfiltered allure of camping – a call to the wild, an escape from urban confines. 

On the other, the epitome of luxury that only a resort can offer. Treehouse’s Caravan Parks seamlessly merge these worlds, ensuring that travelers don’t have to compromise on comfort while seeking an adventurous getaway, according to a report by CNBC TV18.

The flagship of this ambitious venture is the “Treehouse Sunrise Resort and Caravan Park,” majestically situated in Neemrana, Rajasthan. This isn’t just another resort; it’s a testament to Treehouse’s commitment to innovation. Spanning a sprawling ten acres, this caravan park is more than just a place; it’s an experience waiting to be unraveled.

Its strategic location on the Delhi-Jaipur highway makes it a beacon for both business and leisure travelers. But location is just one facet of its allure. The park boasts of a plethora of amenities, from a serene swimming pool to stargazing opportunities, a tennis court, and even a dedicated cycling track. 

For those who prefer the nomadic charm of caravans, the park offers three exquisite caravans for accommodation, ensuring that the essence of road travel isn’t lost in the lap of luxury.

Behind this groundbreaking initiative is a vision that’s both clear and ambitious. Treehouse Hotels & Resorts isn’t just introducing a new concept; they’re crafting the future of hospitality in India. The brand recognizes the burgeoning trend of ‘drivecations’ – vacations centered around long drives and road trips.

Jayant Singh, the managing partner of Treehouse Hotels & Resorts, encapsulated this vision perfectly. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to offer this new unwinding offering for road trip travelers and caravan lovers. Introducing caravan parks will be a significant contribution towards the hospitality infrastructure in India,” he said.

With plans to unveil at least 20 such parks in the next five years, the brand is poised to lead this revolution.

But to truly appreciate the potential of caravan parks, one must understand the broader trend of caravanning in India. While still in its nascent stages, caravanning promises a unique blend of adventure and comfort. A notable mention in this space is the “Expandable Home on Wheels ‘Willow'” by Motorhome Adventures.

Designed to accommodate a sizable group, it’s perfect for those long family trips or a getaway with friends. With a dedicated kitchen, bathroom, and even an expandable room, the Willow ensures that the road feels just like home.

The rise of caravanning underscores a shift in the Indian traveler’s mindset. No longer content with traditional vacations, there’s a growing demand for experiences that are both unique and comfortable. Caravanning, with its promise of the open road and the comforts of home, fits this bill perfectly.

Treehouse’s Caravan Parks are a testament to this potential. With facilities that rival any luxury resort and the added allure of the open road, they promise an experience that’s both unique and unforgettable. From comfortable tents to barbecue facilities and state-of-the-art caravans, they ensure that travelers get the best of both worlds.


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