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Treehouse Hotels & Resorts Launches Innovative Caravan Park

Treehouse Hotels & Resorts, a brand owned by Karma Hospitality LLP, has announced the expansion of its portfolio by launching a unique concept of Caravan Parks in India. 

This innovative concept combines the allure of camping with the comfort and luxury of a world-class resort, offering guests an unparalleled experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Neemrana in Rajasthan.

Treehouse Sunrise Resort & Caravan Park is located on the well-connected Delhi Jaipur highway and spread over 10 acres of land. The park is suited both for business and leisure, and it aims to cater to the increasing trend of drivecations amongst the urban population who are looking for a relaxed getaway along with some excitement and adventure.

Jayant Singh, managing partner of Treehouse Hotels & Resorts, expressed his excitement about the new launch, as reported by BW Hotelier.

We are absolutely thrilled to offer this new unwinding offering for road trip travelers and caravan lovers. The entire concept is very unique in addition to our hospitality portfolio and introducing Caravan parks will be a very significant contribution towards the hospitality infrastructure in India,” said Singh.

“We are aiming to introduce at least 20 such parks in the coming 5 years. We hope to see more takers of the new-age concepts and plan to introduce many more of such ventures in the future.”

The Caravan Park shares all the facilities of the existing Treehouse Hotels resort in Neemrana. This includes a swimming pool, tennis court, cycling track, camping, star gazing, and a host of outdoor and indoor activities. 

The park also features comfortable tents and barbecue facilities that keep guests close to nature and rustic surroundings yet within the confinement of a comfortable resort.

The park has three caravans parked for guests to experience a stay and three parking bays equipped with electrical and plumbing facilities for visitors to park their own caravans. This initiative provides a safe, secure, and hospitable experience for caravan lovers, addressing the lack of infrastructure for caravan holidays in India.

Amenities play a crucial role in improving the experiences of guests in a caravan park. By offering a variety of facilities and activities, Treehouse Sunrise Resort & Caravan Park ensures that guests have a memorable and comfortable stay. 

From sports facilities to camping and star gazing, the park offers a range of experiences that cater to different interests and preferences.

Experiential hospitality is a growing trend in the industry, and Treehouse Sunrise Resort & Caravan Park is a prime example of this. By offering a unique concept of caravan parks, the resort provides guests with an experience that goes beyond the traditional hotel stay. 

This not only enhances the guest experience but also sets the resort apart in the competitive hospitality industry.

The launch of Treehouse Sunrise Resort & Caravan Park marks a significant step towards inclusive and experiential hospitality. By offering a unique concept and a range of amenities, the park is set to enhance the guest experience and contribute to the growth of the hospitality industry in India.
For more information about Treehouse Sunrise Resort & Caravan Park, visit their website.


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