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Eco-Adventure Awaits at Pugdundee Wildlife Lodges

In the heart of India’s lush jungles, Pugdundee Safaris stands as a beacon of sustainable wildlife tourism. Since its inception in 1986, this pioneering company has grown to operate seven unique jungle lodges across Central India. Each lodge is a testament to Pugdundee’s commitment to blending exhilarating wildlife experiences with responsible tourism practices.

Pugdundee’s lodges, nestled in the biodiversity-rich landscapes of Central India, offer guests an intimate encounter with nature. From the majestic tigers of Bandhavgarh to the diverse birdlife of Kanha, each location promises a distinct wildlife adventure, set against the backdrop of India’s stunning natural beauty.

Pugdundee’s journey towards sustainability began earnestly in 2017, with a focus on organic farming and eliminating single-use plastics by 2019. These efforts extend beyond environmental stewardship to include farm-to-table dining experiences, featuring fresh produce from their organic gardens and local farms.

The company’s environmental initiatives are a cornerstone of its operations. By adopting ESG standards and planting over 25,000 native plants, Pugdundee has created a harmonious balance between luxury tourism and ecological conservation, ensuring that each stay contributes positively to the environment, according to a press release.

At the heart of Pugdundee’s ethos is a deep commitment to community engagement. Over 70% of their workforce, including key managerial roles, are filled by locals, providing vital employment opportunities. Additionally, their involvement in local education and infrastructure projects has made a tangible impact on surrounding communities.

Pugdundee’s dedication to local communities extends to education. By actively participating in the development of local schools and offering educational initiatives like ‘Learn with Pugdundee’, they are nurturing a new generation of conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts.

Pugdundee Safaris is renowned for its unique wildlife experiences. From walking safaris in Satpura to cycling adventures between Pench and Kanha, guests are invited to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of India’s jungles. These experiences are carefully crafted to be environmentally conscious while offering thrilling encounters with India’s diverse wildlife.

Each lodge offers a distinct experience, harmonizing luxury with adventure. Whether it’s the thrill of tracking tigers on foot or capturing the perfect wildlife shot, Pugdundee ensures that every adventure is a memorable one, deeply rooted in respect for nature and wildlife.

Despite the challenges of investing in sustainable initiatives, Pugdundee has been steadfast in its mission. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, earning them accolades from the International Centre for Responsible Tourism and various Visitor Choice awards, highlighting their significant contributions to the industry.

As Pugdundee Safaris continues to evolve, their focus remains on enhancing sustainability and responsible tourism. Facing ongoing challenges, they are constantly seeking innovative ways to support local communities and conservation efforts, setting a benchmark for eco-tourism worldwide.

Pugdundee Safaris is India’s leading Tiger Safari specialist. For those inspired to experience these unique eco-adventures, Pugdundee Safaris’ corporate office in Gurugram, Haryana, welcomes inquiries. Detailed contact information for each lodge is available on their website, making it easy for guests and tour operators to plan their next wildlife adventure.

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February 18, 2024 6:46 pm

This sounds like an astounding adventure! Pugdundee Wildlife Lodges offer an unforgettable experience in the heart of Central India’s wilderness, where sustainable tourism intertwines with thrilling wildlife encounters. It’s a marvelous opportunity to immerse oneself in the region’s natural beauty while actively contributing to eco-friendly initiatives and community empowerment efforts. Any tips for someone considering a visit to this remarkable place?

April 28, 2024 10:02 pm

Sharing my thoughts on Pugdundee Safaris – it’s like stepping into the heart of India’s wild beauty! You get to see diverse wildlife, join in conservation activities, and connect with locals. It’s more than just a trip. it’s a journey that truly immerses you in nature and community.


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