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Gen Z and Millennials in Asia Seek More Regional Travel Experiences; What’s in it for Park Owners?

A recent survey by Marriott Asia Pacific has revealed that Gen Z and Millennials, termed “Native Explorers”, are looking to spend their travel dollars closer to home. Despite being well-traveled at a young age, 85% of these affluent young travelers believe they have yet to fully discover all that their region has to offer. This trend presents a unique opportunity for owners of private campgrounds or glamping resorts in the Asia Pacific region.

The survey, conducted across Australia, China, Japan, India, Singapore, and South Korea, revealed that the top three travel destinations among native explorers are Japan (52%), South Korea (42%), and New Zealand (39%). They are also seeking new experiences in familiar hotspots such as Australia (39%) and Thailand (32%) through a culture-centric lens. This indicates a potential market for campgrounds and resorts that can offer unique, local experiences.

Interestingly, 43% of native explorers are looking for nature escapes and wellness experiences, while 36% are in search of hidden cultural gems. This suggests a demand for campgrounds and resorts located in tranquil, natural settings and those offering opportunities to explore local culture.

The survey also revealed that native explorers are redefining luxury travel. For them, luxury includes human connection, genuine hospitality, and being part of a community. They value once-in-a-lifetime experiences and unique moments, such as VIP access to sold-out concerts (52%) and exclusive culinary workshops with celebrity chefs (36%). This suggests that campgrounds and resorts that can offer such unique experiential hospitality may attract these travelers.

In terms of accommodation choices, a majority (76%) of respondents opt for hotels and resorts with destination-inspired concepts. Brand affinity remains key for native explorers with approximately one in three opting for destination-inspired abodes under an established luxury brand.

Whether or not the glamping market in the Asia Pacific will see significant growth this year is unknown. Still, glamping, a blend of glamour and camping, has emerged as a new vacation trend. This suggests that glamping resorts that can offer a blend of luxury and outdoor experience may appeal to native explorers.

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