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Successful Glamping Business Strategies: Insights from Experienced Hosts

A recent video shared by Andres and Chelsea, enterprising owners of a burgeoning glamping business, shed light on five pivotal secrets to running a thriving glamping venture. The pair uprooted their lives from Arizona to Eastern Tennessee to actualize their glamping dream and in a span of just three months, they have impressively collected more than 30 five-star reviews, earning them Airbnb’s coveted Superhost status.

Their inaugural advice underscores the importance of exceptional hosting. This involves providing timely responses to guest queries and fulfilling requests promptly. To foster a personal connection with guests, they encourage hosts to offer small personalized gestures such as leaving behind snack baskets or penning handwritten notes.

The duo’s second piece of wisdom focuses on the critical role of guest feedback in propelling business growth. They recount how feedback from their guests led to tangible improvements in their glamping facilities, including additions like bathroom hooks and roofing panels, and modifications like relocating mirrors for enhanced privacy.

Cleanliness emerges as the third essential factor, which they firmly believe can either bolster or tarnish the reputation of a business. They urge hosts to ensure the immaculateness of their site by hiring meticulous and reliable cleaning staff.

Their fourth counsel urges hosts to envisage potential hitches and address them preemptively. Provision of amenities like phone chargers, snacks, firewood, and contingency plans for heating or cooling system failures are all part of their strategy to ensure guests’ comfort.

The final tip revolves around creating streamlined business operations, particularly if expansion is on the horizon. Establishing clear systems for automated responses, cleaning schedules, and platform diversification are all integral parts of a scalable business model.

In the rapidly evolving outdoor hospitality industry, this wisdom is invaluable for those aspiring to launch their own glamping businesses. As the demand for unique and comfortable outdoor experiences surges, the strategies imparted by Andres and Chelsea can equip emerging entrepreneurs to create successful and sustainable glamping businesses that cater to this burgeoning demand.


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