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Luxury Meets Simplicity: A Tiny House in Queensland’s Magical Rainforest

In the heart of Australia’s magical Queensland rainforest, a tiny house stands as a testament to the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury. This home, tucked away amidst the lush greenery, is a hidden gem that offers an immersive nature experience, revolutionizing the outdoor hospitality industry.

The tiny house, painted in a monument color, seamlessly blends into the forest surroundings, providing a sense of solitude and tranquility. The owner, Jess, designed the house herself, prioritizing large windows to allow ample natural light and a constant connection with the outdoors.

The house sits on an 8.4-meter trailer with a 1.8-meter drawbar, and it stands 4.3 meters tall. Despite its compact size, Jess admits she could have gone smaller, given the ample storage space available.

The house features an all-metal exterior for easy maintenance. The exterior is adorned with pots and plants, adding a touch of nature to the modern design. The house is powered by a solar system, which, despite being tucked into the forest, manages to harness enough sunlight to run the house. A backup generator automatically kicks in when the batteries run low, ensuring a constant power supply.

Jess found her spot of land through a Facebook ad. She fell in love with the location as soon as she saw it and agreed to maintain her area as part of the deal. The house is surrounded by a temporary palette deck, which Jess plans to upgrade in the future. Rainwater is collected in a 5,000-liter tank, which filled up quickly due to the frequent downpours in the area.

Inside, the house is a marvel of modern design and efficient use of space. The living area features a fold-out couch for guests and a wall adorned with art from a coloring book, adding a personal touch to the space.

The kitchen is equipped with a large sink, a gas oven, and ample storage, including a full-height pull-out pantry. The bathroom is surprisingly spacious, featuring a large shower with dual showerheads and a composting toilet.

The sleeping loft is a special feature of the house, offering panoramic views of the forest through top-level windows. The loft is accessed via a secret staircase, adding a layer of privacy. The staircase also incorporates clever storage solutions for Jess’s camping gear.

The house cost about AUD 130,000 to build, with an additional AUD 20,000 spent on the solar trailer. Despite the cost, Jess considers the house a worthwhile investment. She describes her tiny house as a “big kid’s cubby house” and plans to spend her future enjoying her surroundings and working on her garden.

This tiny house in Queensland’s rainforest is a perfect example of how the outdoor hospitality industry is evolving. It offers a unique experience that combines the comfort of a modern home with the simplicity and tranquility of nature. Whether you’re a seasoned camper or a beginner, this tiny house offers a glimpse into the future of outdoor living.


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