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First Look: 2024 Alliance Delta Travel Trailer Debut – Insights & Review

In a stunning development in the outdoor hospitality industry, Alliance’s newest travel trailer, the 2024 Alliance Delta model 262 RB, made its world debut. Matt, a popular YouTube influencer known for his insightful RV reviews, gave viewers an exclusive first look at the brand-new model, showcasing its many features and discussing its potential impact on the sector.

As Matt guided viewers around the exterior of the trailer, he pointed out its height, built on a drop frame design, offering a substantial amount of exterior storage, a feature rarely seen in similar products. The exterior also boasts convenient slide access, designed to help drivers avoid collisions with trees or other obstacles.

Of notable interest was Delta’s inclusion of the Goodyear Endurance tires, a quality touch for a travel trailer of this size, combined with its large metal ladder for easy roof access. Another feature of interest was the optional auto leveling, an addition that Matt had personally recommended during the development stage of the trailer.

Exploring the inside, the Delta’s spacious interior was striking. Matt praised the large doorways and windows that lend a feeling of openness to the travel trailer. In a nod to pet owners, the floor was devoid of heat ducts, an aspect that underscores the company’s consideration of diverse user needs.

An exciting new feature was the U-shaped dinette that can be converted into a bed, a must-have for those looking to make the most of their space. The trailer was also fitted with reclining theater seats, large amounts of storage space, and plenty of counter space in the kitchen.

A remarkable feature of the Delta model was the large bathroom complete with a 30 by 36 shower, a surprising luxury for a travel trailer of this size. The bathroom’s generous counter space, large double mirrors, and thoughtful storage solutions further emphasized the trailer’s commitment to comfort and convenience.

As a collaborative project, the Delta is seen as a testament to Alliance’s commitment to incorporating user feedback into its design process. The company’s dedication to listening to the needs and preferences of RV enthusiasts, as reflected in the design of the 2024 Alliance Delta, marks a significant shift in the outdoor hospitality industry.

Notwithstanding the positive feedback, Matt did raise some concerns. He expressed his dislike for the chosen theater seats, preferring wider options, and suggested an electric heater fireplace would have been a welcome addition. Nevertheless, these concerns were far outweighed by the impressive design elements and thoughtful attention to detail displayed in the Delta model.

In conclusion, the unveiling of the 2024 Alliance Delta model 262 RB signals an exciting time for the outdoor hospitality industry. This travel trailer’s innovative design, user-friendly features, and close alignment with customer needs affirm Alliance’s status as a leader in the industry.

As the first owners of the Delta, Matt, and Andrea, the power couple behind the popular RV review YouTube channel, will be closely watched as they put the new model to the test.


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