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Essential RV Pro Tips: Top 10 Items for Trouble-Free Travels

In a recent YouTube video, renowned RV specialist Joshy from Bish’s RV shared ten crucial tips to assist RV travelers in averting potential inconveniences or crises. Though the outdoor hospitality industry’s charm lies in the unpredictable and adventurous nature of camping, proper preparation can ensure an enjoyable trip.

Joshy highlighted the importance of having a basic tool kit, emphasizing that even budget-friendly tools could rectify common RV issues. Keeping such a tool kit within reach might make a significant difference in swiftly dealing with unexpected mechanical faults.

Next, he underscored the importance of carrying a variety of blade fuses. These simple, inexpensive components could prevent unforeseen inconveniences, such as a malfunctioning slide-out or leveling jacks. Failure to replace a blown fuse could potentially result in costly service calls or a ruined vacation.

Another item suggested was a 12-volt portable jump pack. This versatile device could jump-start a dead vehicle, power an RV’s 12-volt system in an emergency, and even serve as a charging station for mobile devices. Some models also include an air compressor, which could prove invaluable in inflating tires, enabling the RV to reach a service center safely.

The list continued with a first-aid kit, a crucial asset in handling minor injuries. A roadside reflector kit, a trailer jack for flat tire situations, and a heavy-duty ratchet strap for securing elements of the RV were also deemed essential.

Joshy’s list concluded with two items centered around communication. He recommended carrying a power bank to ensure that mobile devices, crucial for contacting emergency services or looking up information, remained charged. He also advocated for having a secondary communication method such as a satellite phone for those instances when cellular service might be unreliable.

This advice, while valuable for every RV traveler, also has significant implications for the outdoor hospitality industry. RV sellers and campsite operators should consider offering these items as part of their services, or at least advising customers about their importance.

This way, they can contribute to creating a safer and more enjoyable experience for their clientele, encouraging repeat business and spreading positive word-of-mouth.

The seasoned RV enthusiasts are encouraged to share their own indispensable items, fostering a community that supports one another and contributes to the continual improvement of the RV travel experience.


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