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A Comprehensive Look at the Ford E350 Van Conversion

In the era of digital nomads and adventurous spirits, the concept of outdoor hospitality has taken a new turn. The Ford E350 van conversion, a DIY project undertaken by a passionate traveler, is a testament to this shift. This article provides a comprehensive look at the transformation of a 2013 Ford E350, purchased for $10,000 with 111,000 miles on it, into a mobile home.

The exterior of the van remains largely untouched, save for the addition of a slide bar and the replacement of the original wheels and tires with Falcon Wild Peak tires and American Racing wheels. The van also boasts new taillights and a backup camera, enhancing safety and convenience.

The interior of the van is where the magic truly happens. The doors serve multiple purposes, housing a guitar and a swivel table that doubles as a cooking station. The van also features a swivel seat that opens up the space, creating a comfortable workstation.

The flooring is vinyl, chosen for its affordability and ease of installation. The van is equipped with a dry cooler powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, providing a convenient solution for food storage without the hassle of melting ice.

The kitchen area is compact but functional, featuring a sink with a hand pump connected to a 22-gallon water tank. A propane stove and a variety of utensils and cookware are stored in the drawers and cabinets, making meal preparation a breeze.

The van also features a bed with a seven-inch foam mattress, blackout curtains for privacy, and a Maxi air fan for ventilation. LED lights provide illumination, and a Goal Zero 500 battery powers the van’s electrical needs, including the lights, fan, and cooler.

The back of the van, referred to as the ‘garage’, houses a variety of outdoor equipment, including a toolbox, camping chairs, a soccer ball, and a tent. The van also features tables on the back doors, providing additional space for cooking or other activities when parked.

This Ford E350 van conversion is more than just a vehicle; it’s a testament to the power of DIY spirit and the desire for freedom and adventure. It’s a mobile home that brings a new dimension to outdoor hospitality, offering comfort, convenience, and the ability to enjoy the beauty of nature from your doorstep.

The Ford E350 van conversion is a shining example of how outdoor hospitality is evolving. It’s a reminder that with a bit of creativity and determination, anyone can create their own mobile sanctuary. It’s not just about the destination, but also the journey, and this van conversion makes the journey all the more enjoyable.


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