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2023 State Trail Passes Now Available, Per Wisconsin DNR

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has announced that the 2023 state trail passes are now available for purchase. The passes are valid from the date of purchase through December 31.

The state trail pass grants access to thousands of miles of trails, providing individuals with some of the most scenic areas in Wisconsin for outdoor recreation activities.

This pass is required for all individuals aged 16 or older who participate in biking, in-line skating, horseback riding, or off-highway motorcycling on specific state trails. It is important to note that a state trail pass is not required for walking or hiking.

Trails that require a state trail pass are located in state parks, forests, and recreation areas, as well as standalone state trails.

Signs are posted at trailheads indicating which trails require a pass. Please note that county and local trails in Wisconsin may have their own fees, and state trail passes are not valid at those trails.

Steve Schmelzer, the Parks and Recreation Management Bureau Director, commented on the importance of state trail pass sales, stating that “Our 700 miles of equestrian trails and thousands of bike miles provide outside recreation, enjoyment, and health and wellness opportunities to millions of visitors each year.”

“State trail pass sales help DNR staff maintain these trails, both our linear trails and those heavily used trails inside of parks and forests for bikes and horses, and it helps us continue to expand the network of available miles to residents and out-of-state visitors alike,” Schmelzer added. 

Annual trail passes are available for $25 for both residents and non-residents, while a $5 state trail day pass is also available.

It is important to note that state trail passes are available only at individual properties, licensed vendors, or self-registration stations.

Trail fee revenues are used for maintaining and operating state trails and trails in state parks, forests, and recreation areas. 

Additionally, a 2023 state park and forest annual vehicle admission sticker or a day pass for admission to parks, forests, and recreation areas may be required for entry in addition to the state trail pass.For those interested in purchasing a state trail pass, visit the DNR State Trail Pass website for more information. 

With the 2023 state trail passes now available, individuals can plan ahead and start enjoying Wisconsin’s scenic trails and outdoor recreation opportunities.

The state trail pass is an essential requirement for anyone who wants to engage in these outdoor activities on certain trails in state parks, forests, and recreation areas.

As such, the announcement that the 2023 passes are now available is significant for those in the outdoor hospitality and recreation industry, as it means that people can start planning their outdoor activities for the upcoming year.

Moreover, the revenue generated from the sales of state trail passes goes towards maintaining and operating state trails and trails in state parks, forests, and recreation areas.

This funding helps to ensure that these natural areas remain accessible, safe, and enjoyable for visitors.

It also means that outdoor hospitality and recreation businesses can continue to attract visitors to the area, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy.


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