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New West Virginia Campground Attracts Outdoor-Lovers

The Outpost is a new campground in New River Gorge National Park and Preserve inviting adventure-seekers and outdoor-loving people from everywhere, a report said.

In light of the increasing number of people seeking to escape to the great outdoors and to visit the most recent parks in the country, The Outpost owner Ross Cherry is anticipating its popularity.

“The industry as a total is up greatly as far as what it’s seeing with new customers coming into the camping and outdoor adventure opportunities. We believe this place is going to take off and we’re going to have an opportunity to really show that The Outpost is where wild does meet wonderful,” Owner Ross Cherry says.

Photo Courtesy of The Outpost

From modern, newly renovated cabins, tent platforms in the forest, as well as a spa-like bathhouse and 21 RV campsites with additional plans to come, the campground has many options to cater to the needs of people who love to be outdoors and those seeking a peaceful escape under the stars.

It’s not just providing campers with comfortable accommodation within the New River Gorge, but it’s also helping them connect in an unspoken love for the outdoors and adventure. This is a feeling of community that the owner hopes to take advantage of by adding a restaurant and live music venue, a camp store, and offering the possibility to arrange excursions with local outdoor businesses via the campsite.

Since the beginning of October, the campground has been on a soft opening. Despite Bridge Day’s cancelation, they anticipate more than 100 guests who have already booked reservations for this weekend.

The campground will remain closed through the winter months but they’ll be open to celebrate the completed renovations as well as their official grand opening in the Spring.

The Outpost is located at 843 Fayette Station Road Fayetteville, WV 25840. For more information, visit their Facebook page here.

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April 20, 2024 6:23 pm

Did you know The Outpost in West Virginia’s New River Gorge Park is the spot for adventure lovers? Get ready for a unique camping experience with modern amenities and live music vibes!


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