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New Owners Revitalize Silverline Lakeside Resort

The scenic Silverline Lakeside Resort welcomes a breath of fresh air this season under the stewardship of its new proprietors, Anthony and Heidi Katsonis. 

The duo, with a seasoned background in real estate, has acquired the resort from its previous owners, Brett and Joey Ellington.

Anthony shared his aspiration of owning a campground. “I’ve been interested in owning a campground since I was a kid,” Anthony explained, “I had always liked RV parks and campgrounds. I thought they were really cool businesses and I’ve always loved camping and the outdoors. It’s a big part of our life and our kids, going camping.”

The Katsonises bring a wealth of hands-on experience to their new endeavor. As seasoned travelers, they have visited over 20 national parks in their RV, including  Hawaii and the Virgin Islands. This venturesome couple has further pledged to their two young children a lofty goal of visiting all 63 national parks across the U.S. before they graduate from high school.

Heidi Katsonis encapsulates their spirit, remarking, “RVing is a great way to visit national parks. We’ve stayed in dozens of campgrounds and RV parks. It’s something we enjoy. If you’re going to run a business, it might as well be something that you like.”

The natural landscapes of Methow Valley, the location of the Silverline Lakeside Resort, drew them in with its striking resemblance to their ancestral home near Lake Tahoe. Featuring Pearrygin Lake, rolling hills, and a vibrant variety of trees, the valley is a picturesque locale, topped off by the quaint charm of the nearby town of Winthrop. “We kind of fell in love with it,” Anthony added.

The resort boasts amenities such as three fishing docks and a hiking trail that circumnavigates the lake. The Katsonises, carrying with them a trove of experiences from their various visits to RV parks, plan to employ these insights to upgrade and diversify the resort’s offerings.

Heidi elaborates on their plans for revamping the resort, stating, “The Silverline was already a great park but there were some things that could be dolled up a little bit. It’s kind of what we’re looking to do is bring it to the next level.”

They have already taken strides toward achieving this by introducing a play structure for children and adding a glamping accommodation, which includes a 16-foot Luna Bell tent furnished with a queen-sized bed, table, and chairs. It can comfortably house two adults and two children.

Further enhancements to the resort include obtaining a liquor license for their general store and introducing an array of novel services like a ski boat rental service, unlimited mini-golf, and RV rentals for those who fancy the experience but prefer to avoid driving the cumbersome vehicles.

The couple has a visionary blueprint for the resort’s future, with plans to include more glamping tents, introduce A-Frame camping cabins, provide a weekend snack bar, and offer their two-bedroom apartment above the general store for short-term winter stays.

The future of the Silverline Lakeside Resort looks promising. The new and improved retreat awaits eager campers and outdoor enthusiasts, promising a renewed and invigorating camping experience.

Featured image from Silverline Lakeside Resort

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Lisa Rivera
Lisa Rivera
February 24, 2024 6:01 am

It’s inspiring to see the Katsonises taking over the Silverline Lakeside Resort in the Methow Valley. Their plans to enhance the resort with new amenities and glamping options, inspired by their love for camping and national parks, are truly encouraging. Their vision for sustainable practices and collaboration with outdoor adventure companies to enrich the guest experience shows a genuine dedication to creating a memorable and eco-friendly resort.


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