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The Tables Have Turned: South Dakota Campground Denies City Permission to Build Lake Cabins

A campground in South Dakota about ten miles west of Mitchell is preventing the city from constructing cabins along Lake Mitchell due to a “really odd” state law.

“It’s a really odd state law that few people are aware even exists,” Mayor Bob Everson told a local report.

If a city-owned campground wishes to expand, a South Dakota law that dates back to 1980 requires approval from every campground within a 15-mile radius of the campground owned by the municipality.

Campgrounds nearby the Mitchell area approved the city’s request except for Betts Campground near Mount Vernon, Everson said.

A Betts Campground official allegedly told former Parks and Recreation Director Nathan Powell that they would approve the city’s request if they would issue a towing permit for one of Betts Campground’s officials.

Everson shared that the towing permit application was rejected because the person did not meet the qualifications defined by the Department of Public Safety.

While the city doesn’t intend to increase the size of Lake Mitchell Campground, the cabins are considered to be an expansion as the city’s campground officials would be overseeing the cabins. Thus, the city must obtain permission from nearby campgrounds according to the state law.


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