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Proposed RV Park in Horry County Could Include 158 Sites

Horry County’s planning commission in South Carolina allowed a zoning change to facilitate the development of an RV park. The 98-acre site located on Highway 905 is set to transition from forest-agriculture to a destination park.

The proposal will undergo three readings by the Horry County Council, each an opportunity for further public comment and council scrutiny. The approved plan, presented by David Schwerd of Diamond Shores on behalf of the landowner, proposes the establishment of 158 RV sites. This development is just past Red Bluff Road with an entrance on Waccamaw Lane.

According to an article published by My Horry News on May 6, Schwerd highlighted the planning involved in the park’s layout, noting a 100-foot setback from the highway. “We’ve also set the park back away from the community as far as possible,” Schwerd said.

Community response has been a key factor in the planning stages. Schwerd met with nearby residents to discuss the project, emphasizing that the new development will strictly serve as an RV park rather than a mobile home park. 

The planning commission’s unanimous decision to recommend the zoning change to the county council is the first of several steps required before construction can begin. 

“We still have to get through county council first,” Schwerd said in the report.

RV park owners and campground operators can acquire valuable insights from the business approach taken by the developers of the new RV park in Horry County. Community engagement and transparent communication are important. By proactively meeting with local residents to address concerns and clarify the nature of the project, the developers not only mitigated potential opposition but also fostered a sense of community inclusion. This strategy is essential for RV parks and campgrounds, as gaining community support can ease the permitting process and enhance the business’s reputation within the local area.

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May 7, 2024 10:14 pm

Can you believe the upcoming RV park in Horry County will have eco-friendly features like solar-powered hookups? It’s awesome to see developers prioritizing sustainability and enhancing visitor experiences with hiking trails and a community center!

May 7, 2024 10:41 pm

Check this out! This RV park is not your average spot. They’re talking about having a taco truck on-site and even a ‘Pet Paw-ty’ area. Sounds like a blast for campers and their furry pals!

Patricia Walker
Patricia Walker
May 8, 2024 2:29 am

That’s a detailed analysis! 🌿 Integrating green spaces and efficient amenities can really charm residents. 🚗 Managing traffic well is key for a smooth RV park operation.

May 8, 2024 5:56 am

I feel you! Green spaces and amenities are like the secret sauce for a top-notch RV spot. And managing traffic smoothly. it’s the key to keeping the good times rolling. Have you thought about any must-have features for this rad RV park?

May 8, 2024 10:53 am

Isn’t it exciting? The new RV park in Horry County is gonna be awesome! Picture hiking trails, a pet-friendly zone, and a spot for cozy campfire nights with marshmallow roasting! Sounds like a blast!

May 8, 2024 11:32 am

Isn’t it exciting news about the new RV park in Horry County? I’m thrilled to share that it’s not just any park. it’s designed with eco-friendly features like solar-powered lighting and recycling stations. Plus, they’re planning cool community events to bring everyone together. Sounds like a great spot to hang out!


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