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Proposed Campground in Pennsylvania Airport Worries Citizens

BELLEFONTE — The construction of a “glamor camping” campground in an airport in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania has a group of its citizens raising concerns, noting their distress over pollution, noise, and “unsafe traffic conditions.”

The Bellefonte Airport campground construction hearing on August 2 has been rescheduled for next month after concerns from the public pushed it past its time limit.

Plans for the campground include 60 RV spaces, 40 tiny homes spaces, and a 2,500-foot clubhouse. These would all be built on the land adjacent to the airfield.

Officials at the airport plan to partner with Maison Lodging LLC in order to build the “glamor camping” campground, a term favored by the company when constructing a campground. The airport, owned by Marina Elnitski has been in existence since 1967.

John Elnitski, manager of the campground, stated that it would be used by people who fly into the airport from Centre County for sightseeing or sporting events and also provide them with a place to rest close to where they landed.

“That way, they don’t have to rent a taxi and find a hotel. They just fly in, land, and walk to their lodging,” said Elnitski.

However, the proposed campground was not favored by a group of citizens. The concerned citizens started a website called “SaveSRW.com” in opposition to the campground. This group includes residents who live near Seibert Road and Raymonds Lane, as well as Willow Bend Drive. These three roads all border the airport.

SRW stated on its website that “this community does not want hordes of drunk passersby, loud parties, higher pollution, and unsafe traffic conditions coming through our town, all while lowering property values beyond our control.” 

The words on the site also raise questions about the legitimacy of its partnering company.

Under the pending zoning ordinance, the 43.49-acre property has been listed in the township’s agricultural zoning districts. In that zoning, district campgrounds are permitted. Supervisors can vote to place conditions such as quiet hours in the approval of plans.

The hearing was rescheduled for next month, September 2 at 7 p.m. in Benner Township.

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