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Proposed High-End RV Resorts Set to Transform Warrenton Marinas

A new chapter in outdoor hospitality is unfolding in Warrenton as developers from the Fort Pointe housing project propose high-end recreational vehicle (RV) resorts at the Warrenton and Hammond marinas.

This initiative, presented by Mark Tolley of Mission Development Group, San Antonio, Texas, aims to transform these marinas into thriving hubs for luxury RV enthusiasts, a report from The Astorian highlighted.

The City Commission, following a recommendation from the Marina Advisory Committee, has unanimously agreed to explore this innovative project. Tolley, during his presentation to the commission, emphasized the potential of the marinas, which he termed “underutilized city assets.” His vision is to optimize these spaces for generating substantial income for Warrenton.

Mission Development Group, typically known for housing projects, sees RV resorts as a fitting use for the marina parcels, given the existing restrictions on their use. Tolley’s plan involves a public-private partnership, promising to turn these areas into income-producing assets for the city.

The proposed development includes two separate resorts, each designed to complement the other. The focus is on high-end amenities to cater to owners of luxury RVs, a market segment currently underserved in Clatsop County. Tolley highlighted the expectations of this demographic, noting the need for concrete paths and upscale facilities to accommodate vehicles that can range in price from a quarter million to a million dollars.

At the Hammond Marina, the plan is to establish 205 units, including 182 concrete paths for RVs, 16 cabins, and seven yurts. These units will be arranged around a central office and communal area, boasting amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and pickleball courts. This development is not just about providing parking spaces for RVs but creating a community space with a range of facilities.

The financial implications of this project are significant. Tolley projected that the resorts could generate close to $1.5 million in lodging taxes over five years, a stark contrast to the current annual income of approximately $72,000 from dry camping at the marinas. The proposed nightly rates for RV spaces are set between $45 and $65, varying with the season and location.

Mayor Henry Balensifer expressed optimism about the proposal, particularly for its potential to drive revenue in Hammond. The project aligns with the city’s broader goals of economic development and enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities.

For campground and outdoor hospitality operators, this development represents a significant opportunity. The focus on high-end RV resorts taps into a growing trend in the outdoor recreation industry, where luxury and comfort are increasingly sought after by travelers. This project could serve as a model for other cities and regions looking to diversify and upscale their outdoor hospitality offerings.


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