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New $4.8M RV Park Opens in Vale

The Vale Valley RV Park, a $4.8 million project led by Boise developers Alexander Heap and Guy Guymon, is now open. This 122-space RV park, sprawling across 19 acres in the western part of Vale, recently obtained its certificate of occupancy from the Malheur County Building Department on October 19.

The RV park, situated at the intersection of Graham Boulevard and Ash Street, is set to meet the surging demand for outdoor hospitality and campground accommodations in the Vale-Ontario area. Heap, one of the key figures behind the development, expresses his contentment with the project’s progression, noting that it is “coming together nicely.

Photo courtesy of Vale Valley RV Park

Currently, 84 RV spaces are available for rental, and the developer foresees these spots being occupied swiftly. The park offers a variety of rental options, with prices set at $45 per night, $180 per week, and a monthly rate of $499. The monthly rate includes all utilities except for power, while nightly and weekly rentals can be secured through reservations.

The RV park boasts an array of amenities, including a 2,400-square-foot clubhouse, an office, bathrooms, showers, and a coin-operated laundry facility that accepts credit card payments. While a fitness center was initially considered, the decision to proceed with this facility will depend on the demographics of its users.

The Vale Valley RV Park aims to offer additional recreational opportunities, with plans for a pickleball court, a dog park, a fire pit, and a fenced pond, enhancing the overall experience for its guests.

Heap is optimistic about the park’s occupancy prospects, as they have already signed a contract with Idaho Power to provide spaces for workers on the forthcoming Hemingway-to-Boardman transmission line project, which spans a 270-mile stretch across five Oregon counties.

In addition to serving the transmission line workers, Heap envisions the RV park supporting the development of a gold and silver mine complex south of Vale. Pending state approval, the Grassy Mountain mining project by Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. will require housing for its workforce, making the Vale Valley RV Park a viable housing solution.

Recognizing the burgeoning demand for RV accommodations in the Vale-Ontario area, Heap plans to expand further by constructing an additional 220-space RV park near the Ontario airport. He believes that there is a substantial need for up to 700 RV spots in the region over the next three to eight years, positioning the Vale Valley RV Park to address this need effectively.

Heap’s strategic approach to meet this growing demand serves as a model for campground owners and outdoor hospitality operators. The establishment’s flexible rental options, competitive pricing, and provision of essential amenities cater to a diverse range of travelers and workers, ensuring a steady stream of guests.

As the outdoor recreation industry continues to thrive, campground owners and operators can draw inspiration from the success of the Vale Valley RV Park. By staying attuned to regional needs and forming strategic partnerships with local industries, campground owners can tap into the rising demand for accommodations, ultimately benefiting from a growing customer base and sustained business growth.

The Vale Valley RV Park’s opening in Vale, Oregon, is a testament to the potential within the campground and outdoor hospitality industry.

Featured image from Vale Valley RV Park.

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Casey Sprint
Casey Sprint
February 15, 2024 4:54 pm

Have you heard? The new RV park in Vale has marvelous amenities like a pickleball court, a dog park, and a fire pit. Plus, they’re planning to expand near the Ontario airport! If you’re seeking a delightful RV park experience, this is the spot for you.

April 25, 2024 11:42 am

Have you heard about the new RV park in Vale? It’s off to a good start, but some concerns are cropping up about potential noise from nearby workers and facilities. People are worried about the environment impact too. What do you think about all this?

Steven Carter
Steven Carter
May 24, 2024 1:26 am

Get ready to unwind in style at the brand-new $4.8 million RV park in Vale! Picture a serene haven with top-notch amenities for both hard-working souls and adventure seekers. As this gem evolves to meet the area’s needs, the upcoming RV park near Ontario airport promises more excitement and comfort.


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