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News for June 3, 2023

Town of Belville to Adopt Ordinance Regulating RVs, Parks


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RV owners in Belville (North Carolina) may soon have a better understanding of how to utilize their vehicles as the town considers adopting an ordinance to regulate RV use within town limits.

It has been a record-breaking year for the RV industry, and its significant growth over the years makes RVs more and more popular with people of all ages. 

According to a report from Star News, the Brunswick County planning department reported increasing applications for RV parks or campgrounds in the past year, prompting the town of Belville to discuss creating an ordinance to regulate RV and parks within the town. 

The report says the discussions started last month at the December meeting of the Belville Planning Board.

COVID-related health mandate has restricted movements during its peak. This has resulted in the public’s desire to engage in safe outdoor activities have contributed, which has been observed not just in Belville but also in the county and across the nation.

As more and more RVs hit the road, the demand for campgrounds and RV parks has also increased.

Belville’s ordinances do not mention RVs or RV parks, but adopting a new ordinance is a lengthy process. Town staff are drafting and editing a potential ordinance, consulting with other localities with similar regulations. 

This is an exciting development for RV owners and operators in Belville, as it will give them a clearer understanding of how they can use their vehicles within town limits. 

It will also help the town manage the increased demand for RV parks and campgrounds, ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. 

Once the potential ordinance is drafted, the Belville Planning Board will hold a public hearing before recommending its adoption by the town’s commissioners. If a draft is presented to the commissioners, there will be a second public hearing before a vote on the final draft of the ordinance.


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