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Missoula County OKs Lazy Acres RV Park

Missoula County (Montana) has given the green light to the development and opening of Lazy Acres RV Park in Seeley Lake, Missoula Current reported. 

The project, proposed by Brandon Grosvenor, will include 70 parking spots for RVs east of Highway 83, just south of the small lakeside community. 

It aims to address the limited opportunities for RV tourism in Seeley Lake and aligns with the Seeley Lake regional plan.

Despite some opposition from residents, the property’s general commercial use recommendation and a recent traffic study found no substantial impact on Highway 83. 

The county is requiring bear-proof trash bins and screening around the property. Grosvenor has also considered providing spots for local employees, as housing in Seeley is limited.

The Lazy Acres RV Park has created a division in the community. Opponents worry about traffic impacts, campfire smoke, and added strain on minimal resources. Proponents believe that the new RV park would fill a vital need in the tourist town, as there’s not much of an RV park presence in the area.

The plan for Lazy Acres includes three lots with 70 RV spaces on 14 acres of vacant property east of the highway.

In a similar vein, the Sands Township Planning Commission in Michigan has approved a proposal to construct and operate a new year-round recreational and resort area. The new development will span over 600 acres and feature 23 cabins, 100 campsites, and 12 luxury glamping sites, located north of Pelissier Lake.

Several residents in Sands Township raised concerns about the potential impact the development could have on the surrounding environment and local community. Despite these concerns, the planning commission approved the proposal with 15 conditions, including complying with DNR rules regarding eagle nests located on the property.

Both the Lazy Acres RV Park and Sands Township’s new campground reflect a growing trend in outdoor tourism and recreation. They offer new opportunities for visitors to enjoy natural surroundings and contribute to the local economy.

The development of these recreational areas also brings challenges and concerns. Community reactions are mixed, with valid points raised about environmental impact, noise pollution, and local resources. Developers and authorities must work together to address these concerns and ensure responsible development.

The development of RV parks and campgrounds like Lazy Acres and Sands Township’s new resort area represents a delicate balance between tourism, community interests, and environmental stewardship. These projects highlight the importance of careful planning, community engagement, and adherence to regulations.

The approval of Lazy Acres RV Park in Seeley Lake and the new campground in Sands Township, Michigan, marks a significant step in expanding outdoor recreational opportunities. 

While they promise to enhance tourism and local economies, the journey towards their realization underscores the complexity of development in natural settings and the need for thoughtful consideration of community and environmental impacts.


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