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$2M Purchase Agreement Penned for Port Huron RV Park

Port Huron Township’s (Michigan) RV park will remain a campground but under private ownership under a purchase agreement worth $2 million.

According to a report, with some changes, the developer hopes to transform it into a glamping spot.

Parkbridge Investment Group, Inc. President and CEO Steve Ureel has 90 days for due diligence tasks like environmental survey work.

In an interview last week, he stated that he hopes to start construction in 2023 for a brand new clubhouse, a welcome center, and an inground pool at the campground. He also plans to preserve the park’s existing lots available for seasonal RVers and ten to 15 luxury full-service cabins.

“If those boxes get checked and they’re clean and there’s no real issues that come up, the vision I have (with) my wife Karen … is a local, kind of giveaway project in the sense that we felt this area could benefit from an improved RV resort destination,” Ureel said. “Less about the bottom line on this and more about the amenities, the features, and something fun for us to work with.”

The RV park is still operating as a seasonal campground. Ureel and Township Supervisor Bob Lewandowski said they don’t expect any immediate changes to the park.

A purchase agreement that includes the possibility of a future $400,000 option to purchase a small township park in the vicinity has been approved by township officials earlier this month. The combined parcel is over 20 acres.

The proposal of Ureel is within a year of another one for the unoccupied Mallard Creek property in the township near the Black River. Lewandowski stated that they’re pleased to see that things are going forward.

Apart from the pool and clubhouse, Ureel said that they have another $1-million worth of plans for the park, which includes facilities like a fenced-in dog run/park, pickleball courts, and walking trails through a wooded area along a pond adjacent to the site.

What’s really exciting for campers and more popular is glamping,” he said. “… A combination of those with RV park models — like a mobile home, a permanent RV. People can buy them and you can rent them, but season snowbirds would get their unit.”

Lewandowski and Ureel shared that the campground currently has 130 full sites with 40% – 50% of the campers being seasonal.

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February 22, 2024 9:02 am

This conversion of the Port Huron RV Park into a captivating glamping spot is truly thrilling. The inclusion of deluxe cabins and a potential small township park nearby promises an enhanced and extraordinary camping experience. I can’t wait to see this project come to life!

February 23, 2024 10:29 am

Did you know that the lively spot at the Port Huron RV Park will also feature earth-friendly design elements to promote sustainability? Additionally, the developer plans to offer whimsical outdoor experiences like stargazing events and guided nature walks to enhance the guest experience. Entertaining, right?

March 17, 2024 11:55 am

Check out the cool plans for the Port Huron RV park! They’re adding awesome facilities and eco-friendly practices. It’s all about making it a top spot for RV lovers!

May 13, 2024 3:25 pm

Did you catch wind of the news about the plans for Port Huron Township’s RV park? Parkbridge Investment Group is bringing in groovy eco-friendly vibes with solar panels and cool recycling programs! Plus, they’re spicing up the place with hiking trails and a campfire spot. Sounds like a dreamy renovation ahead!


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