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Cunningham Falls State Park Announces Temporary Closure of Campgrounds Starting April

Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland, an outdoor recreation destination located in Thurmont, Maryland, is set to undergo significant infrastructure improvements starting in April, according to a press release. The focus of these improvements is a sewer line renovation and replacement project along Maryland Route 77.

This essential maintenance work is aimed at updating the park’s old sewer infrastructure to ensure its continued functionality. The timeline for the reopening of the closed areas is currently projected for no later than July, although this is subject to change based on the progress of the project and weather conditions.

The project is a collaborative effort involving several key stakeholders, including the Maryland Environmental Service, the Maryland State Highway Administration, and the Maryland Park Service. These organizations teamed up to address the critical need for infrastructure renewal within the park, highlighting the importance of maintaining such facilities for the benefit of the public and the environment.

Due to the construction activities, there will be a temporary closure of several areas within the William Houck Area of Cunningham Falls State Park

William Houck Area Campground, Hunting Creek Lake, and access to the falls will be affected. Starting on April 1, these areas will be closed to the public, with the project expected to extend into the summer months.

Not all parts of Cunningham Falls State Park will be inaccessible. Visitors will still be able to enjoy limited access to Cunningham Falls via a trail that originates from Catoctin Mountain Park. 

Additionally, the Manor Area and Catoctin Furnace, two other sections of the park, will remain open to the public throughout the sewer line upgrade project. 

Cunningham Falls State Park, nestled in the scenic Catoctin Mountains, offers a diverse range of recreational activities. The William Houck Area, situated three miles west of Thurmont on Route 77, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its inviting lake, picturesque falls, and camping facilities.

Visitors to this area can enjoy different activities, including swimming in the lake, hiking the trails to the falls, fishing, and canoeing, making it a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. 

The sewer line upgrade project is a critical step in the ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the infrastructure of Cunningham Falls State Park.

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March 19, 2024 2:58 pm

Love a good picnic? Campgrounds may be closed, but let’s grab a basket for a scenic feast at Cunningham Falls State Park’s Manor Area or Catoctin Furnace. Embrace the new trails!

March 20, 2024 2:31 pm
Reply to  oscar_opens

Whoa, you’re telling me the campgrounds are closed?! Well, let’s explore the Manor Area or Catoctin Furnace trails instead. How about trying a picnic there?


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