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Kevin McArt’s Strategic Vision: Leading the RV Industry Association into 2023 with a Focus on Innovation and Sustainability

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) has embarked on a new chapter with the reelection of Kevin McArt as the Chair of the Board for 2023. 

This decision, made during the Association’s organizational meeting on November 7, marks a significant moment for the industry. McArt, the general manager of Forest River, is renowned for his extensive experience and deep understanding of the RV landscape.

McArt’s reelection is not just a testament to his past achievements but also a nod to his vision for the future. Under his leadership, the RVIA is poised to tackle the evolving challenges and opportunities in the RV sector. 

His approach combines a respect for the industry’s heritage with a keen eye on future trends and innovations, as per the News & Insights report of the RVIA.

The RVIA’s Executive Committee has also seen continuity in its leadership, with the reelection of key officers. 

Vice Chair Mary Pouliot of Thetford, Treasurer Ryan Elias of Leisure Travel Vans/Triple E RV, and Secretary Brett Randall of Aliner will continue to serve alongside McArt. This team brings a diverse range of skills and insights, crucial for steering the Association forward.

The collaborative spirit of the Executive Committee, under McArt’s chairmanship, is set to drive the RVIA towards new heights. Their collective expertise is expected to foster an environment of innovation and strategic growth, addressing both current industry needs and future aspirations.

The RVIA Board of Directors has expanded its horizon with new appointments. Bryan Hughes of Winnebago Industries, April Klein-Carroll of Lippert, and Jeff Rodino of Patrick Industries have been appointed to the Board, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas. Their appointments underscore the RVIA’s commitment to inclusive and dynamic leadership.

The Board also welcomed new members set to take office in 2024: Heather Jenks of Genesis Products, Trevor Kropf of Kropf Industries, and Ashley Bontrager Lehman of Ember RV. These new voices are expected to infuse the Board with innovative ideas and strategies, aligning with the evolving dynamics of the RV industry.

Under McArt’s leadership, the RVIA is embracing future challenges head-on. The establishment of the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Committee reflects a proactive approach to environmental sustainability and technological advancement in the RV sector.

This new committee is tasked with promoting RV industry policy positions related to alternative fuels and the electrification of RVs. It represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly RV industry, aligning with global environmental trends and consumer expectations.

Another key initiative is the formation of the RV Campground Coalition. This coalition aims to unify the industry around the importance of campgrounds, recognizing their central role in the RV experience. It’s a move that underscores the RVIA’s commitment to enhancing the overall health and appeal of RV camping.

The RV Campground Coalition is set to play a pivotal role in advocating for the interests of campgrounds, ensuring they remain a vital part of the RV ecosystem. This initiative reflects a holistic approach to the RV industry, considering the needs and experiences of RV users and campground operators alike.

For more information about the RV Industry Association and its initiatives, interested parties can contact the Association directly. The RVIA remains a central resource for industry insights, trends, and developments under the leadership of Kevin McArt and his team.

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April 20, 2024 3:34 pm

Isn’t it cool how Kevin McArt is shaking things up at the RV Industry Association? His vision mixing tradition with innovation is shaping a bright future. I’m all in for the focus on sustainability and tech advancement. That’s the way forward!


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