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New Campground Set to Open at Osborne Park near Elkader

A new campground is coming to Osborne Park, located south of Elkader, Iowa after the state Destination Iowa program granted $345,000 for the project. 

Park previously featured a campground along the floodplain, which was removed approximately two decades ago. The addition of the new campground has generated excitement among locals and officials alike.

Clayton County Conservation Board Director Jenna Pollock expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, “We’ll be developing 20 electric and water campsites, and some additional tent camping or more primitive sites within the park.” 

She also mentioned that they received a surprising number of public comments about reinstating the campground during their future planning in 2018.

The state grant will cover 40% of the total cost for the project. Pollock said, “When we got the news, we were pretty ecstatic.”

“Osborne Welcome Center has always been a welcome center of Iowa that helped put us on the map and built the nature center in the late ’80s,” Pollock added.

The new campground is expected to complement the existing Osborne Welcome Center.

“We’ve always felt that it’s a prominent place in the driftless area that welcomes folks to Iowa. And this is just a next level for us to be able to offer additional services to guests and travelers coming to the Welcome Center. They can stay overnight, split up their trip, get to know Clayton County and the surrounding communities a little bit better,” said Osborne.

The opening of the new Osborne Park campground is tentatively scheduled for the 2025 camping season, although it could potentially be moved up to next year, depending on the progress of the construction work.

The addition of the campground at Osborne Park may also impact private campground owners and operators in the area. 

With a new option for visitors, competition may increase, potentially requiring these businesses to provide additional amenities or services to remain competitive. However, the increased interest in camping opportunities could also benefit local businesses by attracting more tourists to the region.

It is essential for private campground owners and operators to monitor the development of the project and adapt their strategies as needed. 

By ensuring they continue to offer unique and attractive services, these businesses can coexist with the new campground at Osborne Park, ultimately enhancing the overall camping experience in the area for visitors and locals alike.

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April 3, 2024 5:43 pm

How exciting is it that a new campground is popping up at Osborne Park near Elkader, Iowa? With all those new campsites and amenities like restrooms, showers, and a playground, it’s going to be a blast for visitors. Can’t wait to explore those hiking trails and recreational areas too!


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