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News for December 2, 2023

Glampitect North America Embarks on Developing Its Own Glamping Projects

In a recent announcement, Nick Purslow, managing director of Glampitect North America, unveiled the company’s plans to venture into park development.

This revelation is not just a milestone for Glampitect but also a beacon of opportunity for both established and aspiring glamping business owners.

“Since launching in July 2022, Glampitec[t] North America has made a name for itself in the North American glamping industry,” Purslow stated in a LinkedIn video post. 

In a short span, the company has consulted on over 40 glamping projects, marking its territory as a trusted name in the sector. 

But what’s next for Glampitect? Purslow, with palpable excitement, shared, “We’re now ready to take the next step.”

The company is diving headfirst into developing its own glamping projects, a move that signifies the company’s confidence in the industry’s potential and its commitment to leading from the front.

“We’re absolutely delighted to announce that we are beginning the process of developing our own glamping projects,” Purslow said. But this isn’t just about Glampitect’s growth. It’s an invitation to collaboration. Purslow emphasized, “We want you to be involved.” By opening doors to prospective investors, Glampitect is fostering a spirit of collective growth.

The strength of any venture lies in its team, and Glampitect boasts an ensemble that’s nothing short of stellar. “We’ve assembled an absolutely all-star team to make this happen,” Purslow remarked. 

Among the luminaries is a seasoned player who sold his glamping business for $5 million and a director from Getaway, recognized as one of the biggest glamping companies globally. And at the helm, of course, is Purslow, whose vision and leadership have been instrumental in Glampitect’s ascent.

“It’s been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to get you involved,” he expressed, his words echoing the company’s ethos of collaboration and innovation.

Glampitect North America’s new initiative stands out as a testament to the industry’s potential. Not only just about creating luxury camping experiences but about crafting success stories in the realm of outdoor hospitality.

For glamping business owners and those aspiring to make a mark in this domain, Glampitect North America’s announcement presents a vision, a roadmap, and most importantly, an opportunity. As Glampitect North America charts its course towards new horizons, it beckons the entire industry to join in, innovate, and redefine glamping for the modern era.


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Rein Tarinay

Rein Tarinay

Rein Tarinay, an experienced content writer for Modern Campground, has been specializing in articles about campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping resorts since 2022. With a background in community management and journalism, Rein is a former media fellow of the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law, and Development. When not crafting engaging content, she enjoys exploring glamping sites and discovering unique campgrounds. Rein is also a proud beagle owner, often spoiling her beloved pet, Bobby. Her passion for writing and journalism was ignited by a supportive grade school English teacher who recognized her talent and potential.
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