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Camping World and Instacart Collaborate for Nationwide Same-Day Delivery

Camping World Holdings, Inc., a recreational vehicle dealer, has announced a strategic partnership with Instacart, a grocery technology company in North America. 

This collaboration aims to offer same-day delivery services from over 185 Camping World stores across the nation, a first for any dedicated camping and RV supplies retail partner.

The partnership will leverage Instacart’s advanced technologies, allowing customers to receive nearly 1,800 products at their doorstep, with some deliveries being completed in just an hour. This initiative is set to reshape the way customers shop for camping supplies, especially in an era where online shopping has become the norm.

Emily Causseaux, senior director of Retail – Omnichannel and Marketing at Camping World, highlighted the significance of this collaboration. She emphasized the growing trend of online shopping and the increasing demand for rapid delivery solutions. “This partnership takes our omnichannel strategy to new heights, providing customers with an unparalleled shopping experience, focused on convenience,” Causseaux said.

For over 55 years, Camping World has been at the forefront of the RV industry, committed to evolving alongside its customers. This new venture is a testament to that commitment, offering a seamless same-day shopping experience tailored for outdoor adventures.

Camping World’s product ranges from solar-powered portable grills to high-tech weather-resistant tents. Customers have a plethora of options to choose from. Moreover, the company will be utilizing Instacart’s Big & Bulky fulfillment solution. This will facilitate same-day and scheduled deliveries for hefty items weighing up to 60 pounds, including products like foldout camping tables and smart TVs.

Blake Wallace, senior director of Retail Partnerships at Instacart, expressed his views on the partnership. “Camping World is the leader in the camping and RV industry, offering expertise, quality products, and a passion for outdoor adventures,” Wallace said. He further added that Instacart is proud to partner with Camping World to enhance their e-commerce strategy, making it more convenient for customers to receive their camping gear swiftly.

This collaboration is not just a win for both companies but also a significant advancement for the RV industry. With the increasing popularity of RVing and outdoor activities, especially post-pandemic, the demand for camping and RV supplies has surged. By offering same-day delivery, Camping World is addressing a crucial need, ensuring that RV enthusiasts and campers can access essential supplies promptly, enhancing their overall outdoor experience.

This partnership between Camping World and Instacart is set to elevate the RV industry, bringing convenience to the forefront. As the RV industry continues to grow, such collaborations will play a pivotal role in shaping its future, ensuring that customers have access to the best products and services, whenever and wherever they need them.

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