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California Luxury Campsite Proposal Encounters Drawback

The owners of Aetna Springs faced an untimely setback in their efforts to establish a camping resort that offers lodging tents situated in Napa County’s rural Pope Valley, a report said.

Alchemy Resorts, in late 2018, purchased 3,100 acres of Pope Valley east of Napa Valley. The 672-acre, historical Aetna Springs resort was an element of the $22 million deal for 50 parcels.

In the end, the first suggestion to emerge isn’t related to the land with the vacant Aetna Springs structures. Instead, it’s intended for Turkey Hill, about three miles away. The plan is to build a resort that has 40 accommodation tents, possibly expanding to around 80.

However, the plan will require assistance from Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District to go through the county’s zoning policy geared towards agriculture. Aetna Springs owners proposed a deal that could help the district, which is cash-strapped.

On Monday, the discordant Open Space District Board of Directors decided not to explore the possibility of a private-public partnership even though there was no formal vote.

“I feel it is only fair to you to make it clear this project is not a priority in my eyes for the district,” Director Karen Bower Turjanis told David Wickline of the Aetna Springs ownership.

Wickline stated that he first suggested his Turkey Hill idea to former Open Space District General Manager John Woodbury in 2018. Then, he presented a paper to the district which explained his thoughts.

The resort’s operator will be Six Senses. The documents submitted to the district included a resort with tents with family suites, a cabin with eating and lounge areas, a sauna, hot plunge, cold plunge, labyrinth, stars-gazing huts, and fitness centers.

The Aetna Springs group wants to donate 100 acres of Turkey Hill to the Open Space District. It is proposed that the Open Space District would then lease the land back to Aetna Springs for 99 years in exchange for 1percent of the resort’s lodging revenues.

Aetna Springs will provide a guaranteed rental of one million dollars in the initial ten years. The venture is expected to generate 20 million dollars for Napa County in 10 years in the form of transient occupancy and sales taxes, according to documents handed over at the request of the District.

The plan also includes conservancy easements over 100 acres close to the Cleary Reserve and 730 acres at Lake Luciana near the district’s Spanish Valley property. Wickline stated that this would provide greater access to open space, more trails, and better access to the public for enjoyment in the area.

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