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Clayton Park Models: Redefining Luxury and Flexibility in the PMRV Industry Amid Changing Consumer Trends

In a significant move within the park model recreational vehicles (PMRV) industry, Lakeside Park Models has officially rebranded to Clayton Park Models. This strategic shift, unveiled at the OHI 2023 Conference & Expo in Kansas City, MO, not only marks a new chapter for the company but also reflects broader trends in the RV sector.

At the forefront of this rebranding is the introduction of two new models: The Cumberland and Tannehill. These models underscore the company’s commitment to flexibility and outdoor living, featuring two queen bedrooms and an outdoor kitchen. 

The designs cater to the evolving preferences of RV and camping enthusiasts who are increasingly seeking amenities that support a comfortable and adaptable lifestyle.

The rebranding initiative and the launch of new products come at a time when the PMRV industry is experiencing dynamic changes.

Under the leadership of General Manager Michael Burleson and a team of over 100 professionals, Clayton Park Models (formerly Lakeside Park Models) has been a significant player in the PMRV industry for over six years. The company’s experience and expertise are evident in its approach to product design and customer engagement. 

For instance, the company’s new website, ParkModelsByClayton.com, provides comprehensive industry information and allows prospective clients to experience models firsthand at partner locations, with up to a two-night reimbursement upon order.

The company’s facility in Addison, AL, part of the Clayton Home Building Group, is exclusively focused on PMRVs. This specialized approach ensures that products meet market demands and adhere to regulatory standards. The emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of Clayton Park Models’ business philosophy.

Customer support is another area where the company has made significant strides. Customer Success Manager Jimmy Riest plays a crucial role in guiding partners through profitable decisions, reinforcing the company’s commitment to production timelines and support. 

This focus on customer experience aligns with broader industry trends, where consumer preferences are increasingly geared toward quality and reliability.

The PMRV industry, as a whole, is navigating a period of transformation. The pandemic has fueled an RV vacation boom, as travelers seek options that offer control, safety, and social distancing capabilities. RVing and camping have become preferred modes of travel for many, offering the convenience of a mobile living space with the amenities of home.

In addition, the rise of remote work and digital nomad lifestyles is influencing designs in the outdoor hospitality and RV industries. More RVs are now featuring spaces and amenities conducive to remote work and digital connectivity, catering to a new generation of mobile workers and adventure seekers.

Clayton Park Models’ rebranding and product innovation reflect a strategic response to these industry shifts. By offering models that combine luxury with practicality, the company is positioning itself as a leader in a market that values flexibility, quality, and customer-centric experiences.

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April 4, 2024 3:29 pm

Isn’t it cool that Clayton Park Models is shaking up the PMRV world with their eco-friendly designs and community partnerships? It’s great to see companies embracing sustainability and enhancing the RV experience. Kudos to them for catering to nature-loving enthusiasts seeking comfort and connection on the road!


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