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News for May 17, 2024

OpenCampground Announces Partnership with Chekdin

OpenCampground, a provider of reservation management software for the outdoor hospitality industry, announced an exclusive partnership with Chekdin, an app that empowers businesses to transform loyal customers into influential brand advocates.

The collaboration will integrate Chekdin’s word-of-mouth marketing capabilities into OpenCampground’s AI-driven platform, allowing campgrounds and RV resorts to amplify positive guest experiences to their friends and family across any digital channel for cost-effective marketing.

“Word-of-mouth has always been critical for campgrounds. Seventy percent of campgrounds leverage “word of mouth” to market their business, but the digital age demands a more automated and measurable approach to turn happy guests into influencers,” Brent Parker, CEO of OpenCampground, said. “With Chekdin’s cutting-edge app, our customers can now harness the power of user-generated content and social sharing to exponentially increase their marketing reach and effectiveness.”

Chekdin lets guests scan a QR code, share their experience over social media, and instantly get rewarded with a coupon or other incentive. Moreover, their followers can also download their coupon from the post to try the campground. Its robust analytics provide transparency and real-time performance.

“Nobody gets into business to market themselves, especially campground owners. That’s why we’re excited to be adding another critical layer of value to what OpenCampground already offers,” Chekdin CEO and founder Luis Salgado said. Now, guests will be each campground’s brand influencers and marketing force, letting owners focus on providing a great camping experience.

OpenCampground is a provider of reservation management software, and services focused on the RV park and campground industry. The company’s software empowers outdoor hospitality businesses to increase occupancy and streamline operations.

Additionally, Chekdin is decentralizing marketing by revolutionizing how consumers and merchants connect through digital word-of-mouth. Its app transforms loyal customers into brand advocates who amplify positive experiences and user-generated content across digital marketing channels.

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