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Toyota Camper Conversions Wow at Spain Caravaning Expo

The Toyota Proace is taking on the outdoors with two models that could be very cool basecamps. Toyota showcased several model campers at the 2021 Caravaning exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, which ended on Sunday.

Photo courtesy of Toyota Spain

The Proace campers are contemporary vans, however, they are simply a variation of the design that RV enthusiasts have loved for years. They come with a diesel engine with a manual transmission. 

Unfortunately, the Proace is currently not available in the American market.

Drivers have the option of a 1.5-liter or a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder diesel engine. The buyers can choose between a manual six-speed or an eight-speed automated. There’s no four-wheel drive, however, which limits its offroad capabilities. 

The vans begin their lives as either a Proace Verso or a Proace City but then are modified by Spanish outfitter Tinkervan. They’re transformed into what Toyota refers to as the Proace Verso Camper and the Proace City Mini Camper.

Tinkervan replaces the stock roof with a roof tent built inside the frame of the Standard Proace Verso and adds an awning. Tinkervan also includes rotating seats, a 40-liter fridge, and a modular kitchen that comes with an oven, sink, and one-burner stovetop.

Photo courtesy of Toyota Spain

The sink is equipped with a 12V pump and a water exchange system. The propane tank is as well, which has a separate compartment.

Proace City doesn’t get a full kitchen sink, but it allows for a maximum of four people, with two sleeping in the tent on the roof and two inside the cabin, on a modular bed. Proace City owners will have to access the tent from the side by using ladders.

Photo courtesy of Toyota Spain

Proace City Proace City will be a smaller vehicle than the Proace Verso, however, the City could be an adequately comfortable basecamp. It also comes with a 30-liter fridge, as well as a simple water system.

Interested people living in Spain can purchase these through Toyota regardless of the conversions being made by an external third party.

The Proace City Mini Camper Proace City Mini Camper starts at EUR27,547. In comparison, the Proace Verso Camper is priced at EUR39,699.

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May 1, 2024 8:02 pm

Did you catch the scoop on the Toyota Proace campers? They’re not just comfy for outdoor fans but also eco-friendly with solar panels. Plus, the clever storage system keeps your gear organized for seamless adventures!

May 16, 2024 5:31 am

Guess what? Toyota’s Proace campers offer solar panels, an outdoor shower for ultimate convenience. LED lighting, USB ports keep you connected during outdoor escapades. what a smart and sustainable choice!


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