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P.E.I. Golf Course Transforms into Year-Round Recreation Hub with New Trails

In the serene landscape of Prince Edward Island, Glasgow Hills Golf Course is pioneering a transformative approach to outdoor recreation. The golf course, traditionally known for its summer activities, has embarked on an ambitious project to extend its appeal throughout the year.

This initiative, spearheaded by General Manager Woodrow Bishop, aims to create a 10-kilometer trail system that caters to a variety of activities, including hiking, fat biking, walking, and snowshoeing, depending on the season.

Bishop, drawing inspiration from his 12-year tenure in Whistler, B.C., recognized the potential for year-round recreation in P.E.I.’s North Shore, according to a report by CBC Canada.

“When I came here in 2019, I realized that the season was very short. It was a June 1st to end of October operation,” Bishop said.

 is vision was to expand the operational months of the golf course, eventually aiming for it to become a year-round destination. This vision led to the development of multi-use trails on a previously unused section of the property.

The project has garnered support from local organizations, notably Cycling P.E.I. and Tourism Cavendish Beach. These partners have played a crucial role in maintaining the trails, especially during the winter months. 

The collaboration highlights the community’s commitment to enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities on the island. The trails, which opened their second phase in the fall of 2023, offer a new winter destination for residents and visitors alike.

Feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with mountain bikers and hikers praising the unique terrain and quality of the trails. 

“We’ve got a trail that’s getting lots of hype online called Razzle Dazzle,” Bishop noted. “A lot of mountain bikers are saying, ‘We would have to go off-Island to get some of this terrain and trails.'” 

This enthusiasm underscores the trails’ potential to attract outdoor enthusiasts and contribute to the local tourism industry.

Tourism P.E.I. has been actively promoting the island as a winter destination, filled with wandering trails and unique experiences. The new trails at Glasgow Hills Golf Course align perfectly with this vision, offering first-class trails and wide-open spaces for various winter activities. 

This initiative is a testament to P.E.I.’s dedication to providing diverse and high-quality outdoor experiences, further enhancing the island’s appeal as a year-round destination.

Cycling P.E.I.’s involvement in the project extends beyond trail maintenance. The organization, driven primarily by volunteers, has been instrumental in promoting cycling and outdoor activities across the island. 

Their efforts, supported by funding from various sources, including Tourism P.E.I. and Tourism Cavendish Beach, have been crucial in grooming the trails for winter activities like fat biking and snowshoeing.

Glasgow Hills Golf Course’s trail project represents a significant step forward in promoting outdoor recreation in P.E.I. The collaborative effort between the golf course, Cycling P.E.I., and Tourism Cavendish Beach demonstrates the potential for innovative projects to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. 

As the trails gain popularity, they are set to become a key attraction, contributing to the island’s reputation as a diverse and vibrant destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

For more information about Glasgow Hills Golf Course and its trail system, visit Glasgow Hills Golf Course. To learn more about outdoor activities and tourism in P.E.I., visit Tourism P.E.I. and Cycling P.E.I.

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Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore
March 12, 2024 9:03 pm

Did you know? The P.E.I. golf course revamp includes cool cabins for winter stays. They’re adding snowshoeing and skiing tours for more winter fun. Exciting times ahead for outdoor lovers!


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