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News for June 23, 2024

Nova Scotia Launches “Your Ocean Playground” Campaign to Attract Tourists from Ontario and New England

Tourism Nova Scotia has introduced a new marketing campaign, “Your Ocean Playground,” aiming to captivate tourists from Ontario and New England, showcasing the province’s expansive coastline and diverse attractions. 

As per a report, the initiative highlights the 13,000 kilometers of Nova Scotia’s picturesque coastline, inviting visitors to experience its beautiful beaches, camping sites, cave exploration, kayaking adventures, flourishing vineyards, and iconic lighthouses.

Adam Sterling, creative director at M5, the Atlantic Canada-based indie agency responsible for the campaign, believes that focusing on the ocean and its influence on the province provides a fresh way to connect visitors to Nova Scotia’s rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscape. 

According to Sterling, the campaign is unique as it follows two characters on their journey, unlike previous efforts that merely compiled stunning footage of the region.

While earlier marketing campaigns, such as “Do More in Nova Scotia,” emphasized the province’s lesser-known activities and attractions, “Your Ocean Playground” concentrates on exploration and experiences that tourists may not find in their hometowns. This approach is designed to appeal specifically to people in larger markets like Ontario and the northeastern United States.

Nova Scotia’s tourism industry saw a significant recovery in 2022, with the province welcoming 1.9 million visitors, an increase of 1 million compared to 2021. This surge was partially driven by campaigns encouraging Nova Scotians to welcome visitors into their “bubble” after travel restrictions were eased, allowing free movement between the four Atlantic provinces.

The current goal is to encourage more visitors from key markets to return to the province, as the number of U.S. tourists has declined by 41% from pre-pandemic levels. 

In addition to targeting Ontario and New England, Nova Scotia is also advertising in Germany, and the United Kingdom with a separate campaign focused on iconic local experiences like seafood and whale watching.

Your Ocean Playground” will be promoted through various channels, including television, billboards, social media, video, and display ads. 

The province hopes to captivate new audiences and boost its tourism industry by showcasing the unique appeal of Nova Scotia’s vast coastline.

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Kimberly Cook
Kimberly Cook
March 21, 2024 10:12 am

Have you heard about Nova Scotia’s Your Ocean Playground campaign? It’s not just about the coastline. it’s a gateway to amazing seafood and cultural experiences. Ready for an adventure?


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