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2 Distinctions for Nova Scotia National Park

Kejimkujik National Park has the distinction of being both a National Park and a National Historic Site. This designation recognizes the area’s rich Mi’kmaw heritage, as well as its natural wilderness beauty. Additionally, the Park is located in and gives access to the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reservoir.

Kejimkujik (pronounced “Ked-gee”) is Canada’s top paddling and camping spot. The Park’s main ‘front country’ camping area, Jeremy’s Bay Campground, has three distinct loops that offer campsites. Meadows Loop is Slapfoot Loop, Jim Charles Loop, and Slapfoot Loop. These are not to be confused or misunderstood with Jim Charles group site in another area, known as Jim Charles Point …)… Many of these sites can be connected to water and power. It is small, but there is one shower building. It’s near the Friends of Keji Tuck Shop as well as the soccer field. There are several water taps available and washroom facilities that can be found throughout the campsite loops. You will find the Campground Host directly across from Meadows Beach.

Kejimkujik Lake’s dark water (which we refer to as Keji Tea) has been stained by the tannins leaked from nearby marshes or bogs. This is entirely natural and provides hot water conditions because the sun’s heat is better absorbed. There are four beaches that you can go swimming. Kedge beach, located at Jim Charles Point, has been a popular swimming spot. It often hosts volleyball nets. Meadow Beach offers shallow warm waters as well as boat racks for kayaks or canoes. Seafood Beach boasts some of the finest sand and is quieter than the rest. Merrymakedge Beach is near the canteen and is the largest. It also has a dog-friendly area.

There is a sewage station right before the Jeremy’s Bay Campground for RVs and campers. You can empty your sewage tank.

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