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InsureMyTrip Unveils Essential Camping Safety, Travel Insurance Tips

As Canada’s camping season kicks off, InsureMyTrip, a travel insurance comparison website, announced essential tips and travel insurance insights for campers to have a secure and enjoyable experience. Additionally, this year, the camping industry in Canada is expected to generate approximately CA$331 million. 

One key safety recommendation for campers is food safety. Food should be stored securely away from tents and elevated off the ground to prevent wildlife encounters. Campers must also be vigilant about fire bans and maintain clean surroundings to prevent wildfires. 

Furthermore, protection against poisonous plants is essential. When hiking through areas with potential plant hazards, campers should wear protective clothing and carry remedies like calamine lotion. 

For those camping in mountainous region, high-altitude health precautions are necessary. It is important to stay hydrated and be aware of altitude sickness symptoms such as headaches and nausea

Another aspect of secure camping is understanding travel insurance for campers, which involves knowing the various types of coverage available. Prepaid, non-refundable campsite reservations can be insured.

In a press release, InsureMyTrip highlighted the consideration of emergency medical travel insurance for campers traveling to another province, territory, or country. The Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan may only partially cover medical emergencies outside one’s home province. An all-inclusive policy can protect against costly medical emergencies, trip cancellation/interruption, and baggage loss/delay.

Travel complications such as trip cancellations or interruptions due to accidents, breakdowns, or road closures can also be covered by travel insurance are important. Additionally, policies might extend to cover natural disasters if campsites become uninhabitable, contingent on travel advisories.

According to its website, InsureMyTrip.ca helps campers compare plans and coverages from Canadian providers. The website facilitates finding suitable travel insurance for campers.

With some information about the trip, InsureMyTrip provides appropriate plan options from multiple providers that can be easily compared and purchased online. Additionally, it offers licensed travel insurance agents available by phone, email, and chat during regular business hours.

In a press release published on May 2, Suzanne Morrow, CEO of InsureMyTrip, expressed the company’s dedication to transforming the travel insurance purchase experience in Canada. “Our platform is designed to empower Canadians to make informed decisions about their travel insurance needs, ensuring they can find the best coverage for their specific requirements without the hassle,” Morrow said.

To learn more about InsureMyTrip, visit insuremytrip.ca.

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