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Edwards Lake Campground Upgraded to Enhance Visitor Experience

Edwards Lake Campground, located in the Tobacco Plains Band territory in British Columbia, underwent major upgrades with support from the Columbia Basin Trust. These improvements aim to enhance the camping experience for visitors and the local community.

The campground is a recreational site for families, bird-watchers, and campers. Nasuʔkin (Chief) Heidi Gravelle mentioned that Edwards Lake is used by their members year-round for recreation and cultural activity. “It’s a really important site for our people,” Gravelle said, as reported by My East Kootenay Now on June 11.

Gravelle noted that when they seek partnerships or assistance for initiatives with a strong cultural value component, the Trust respects and amplifies these values in their support.

The upgrades include a new floating dock, a new gateway entrance, playground equipment, metal picnic tables, an outdoor grill, fresh beach sand, and fire pits.

Lori Stahl, senior housing and infrastructure coordinator at CBT, emphasized the benefits of the upgrades. “The community will be happy to use equipment that is safe and that these upgrades will make camping more enjoyable,” Stahl said.

CBT’s support was crucial for these upgrades. Gravelle expressed gratitude for CBT’s assistance, noting that the Trust holds high regard for its cultural values and recognizes the importance of its sites and initiatives that enhance the quality of life for First Nations.

The campground also has new and upgraded washrooms. Gravelle mentioned that the updated bathrooms are a great amenity, highly appreciated by visitors and members.

“This addition is also essential in ensuring that visitors only occupy the marked sites and recreation area, so that we protect areas used by animals, plants, water, and all living things from disruption,” Gravelle added.

The Edwards Lake Campground upgrades illustrate the importance of integrating modern amenities that enhance the visitor experience while respecting cultural and environmental values. Adding features such as updated washrooms, floating docks, playground equipment, and picnic areas can significantly improve the camping experience and ensure repeat visits.

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