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News for March 20, 2023

BC Parks Cancels New Campground Dev’t at Christina Lake After Public Concern


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BC Parks has announced that it will not pursue the development of a new 25-site campground at Christina Lake Provincial Park in Canada. 

The proposal, which aimed to meet the growing demand for camping and outdoor recreation opportunities, has been cancelled after the agency followed up on concerns raised by residents.

According to an announcement on BC Park’s website, the agency’s 2022 attendance data collection and analysis showed that re-purposing up to 50% of the parking space at Christina Lake park would limit public beach and lake access, particularly during the summer season when it is busiest.

Christina Lake Provincial Park is a six-hectare day-use park located on the south end of the lake, near Highway 3. 

It was one of the projects earmarked for development from the $21.5 million investment by the province over three years to enhance camping and outdoor recreation opportunities in the South Coast, West Coast, and Southern Interior

The proposal would have involved converting two of the four existing parking lots into a new 25-site campground while leaving the stretch of beach available for day-use. 

However, after conducting public consultations, including surveys of locals, BC Parks concluded that the proposal would not be compatible with the park’s day-use feature.

“Day-use access is an important feature of this park, and the proposal was not compatible with that,” the BC Parks statement read.

“Feedback on BC Parks’ summer 2022 online survey emphasized the importance of managing the park to support lake-orientated day use opportunities,” BC Parks added. 

The decision to cancel the proposal has been welcomed by local residents who had raised concerns about the impact of the new campground on the park’s natural environment and on the quality of life for residents in the surrounding areas.

The cancellation of the proposed new campground at Christina Lake Provincial Park highlights the importance of considering public opinion and feedback when developing new camping and outdoor recreation opportunities.

This serves as a reminder to campgrounds and outdoor recreation providers that it is important to take into account the concerns and preferences of the local community and park visitors when planning new facilities or expansions. 

This can help to ensure that the park or campground is developed in a way that is sustainable and sensitive to the natural environment, while also meeting the needs and expectations of park visitors.

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