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Warrnambool City Council Faces Calls for Free Camping Amidst Grey Nomad Boycott

Warrnambool, a picturesque seaside city in Victoria, Australia, has recently been at the center of a debate surrounding free camping. The Warrnambool City Council, led by the new mayor Ben Blain, has clarified that they are not considering the introduction of free camping. 

This decision comes in the wake of a free camping site in Cobden, which has led to increased calls for Warrnambool to adopt a similar approach.

The push for free camping in Warrnambool isn’t without reason. The city, known for its stunning coastline and proximity to the Great Ocean Road, is a popular destination for tourists, especially grey nomads. 

Grey nomads, retirees who travel around Australia in caravans or motorhomes, have been known to avoid places that don’t offer free or affordable camping options, as reported by The Standard.

Interestingly, the debate around free camping isn’t unique to Warrnambool. Other regions in Australia, such as Cobden and Panmure, offer free camping, making them attractive destinations for budget-conscious travelers. 

The introduction of free camping in these areas has often been seen as a way to boost local tourism and provide economic benefits to the community.

However, the decision to offer free camping isn’t straightforward. While it can attract tourists, it also comes with challenges such as managing waste, ensuring the safety and comfort of campers, and addressing potential conflicts with local businesses, especially caravan parks. The Warrnambool City Council’s decision seems to be a careful consideration of these factors.

The grey nomad community, a significant segment of Australia’s domestic tourism market, has expressed its disappointment with Warrnambool’s stance. Some have even chosen to boycott the city, opting for other destinations that are more accommodating. 

This boycott underscores the importance of free camping to this community and the potential economic implications for regions that don’t offer it.

Despite the calls for free camping and the evident benefits, it can bring, the Warrnambool City Council remains firm in its decision. While the city might be missing out on some tourists, it’s clear that the council is prioritizing long-term sustainability and the well-being of its residents.

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March 15, 2024 1:29 am

Ever thought about how some councils strike a balance by offering affordable camping options for travelers like grey nomads? It’s a win-win, right? Helps tourists save money, keeps caravan park owners happy, and boosts the community spirit. Plus, it’s a great way to tackle waste issues. What do you think about this approach? Let’s chat!

May 15, 2024 1:21 pm

Did you catch wind of the fuss about free camping in Warrnambool? It’s got everyone talking! People are getting creative, thinking about compromises. Some are pushing for free camping, saying it’s a win-win for tourism and the community. What’s your take on this camping debate?


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