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Pioneering the Future: Tesla Model 3’s Landmark Journey Towing a Caravan Across Australia

In an unprecedented feat of endurance and innovation, a Perth couple, Atto Gal and Gandalf, have embarked on a remarkable journey around Australia in a Tesla Model 3, towing a caravan. 

This venture is not just a test of the electric vehicle’s (EV) capabilities but also a bold statement in the evolving narrative of sustainable travel. The journey, which began on Boxing Day, 2023, is set to cover vast distances across the diverse Australian landscape, challenging the conventional limits of EVs.

The couple, known for their adventurous spirit and commitment to sustainable living, have previously undertaken significant EV journeys. Their decision to circumnavigate Australia in a Tesla Model 3 while towing a caravan stems from a desire to debunk myths surrounding EVs’ towing capabilities and to push the boundaries of what is possible with electric vehicles

The caravan in question, a 1986 Cub Drifter, has undergone extensive modifications to support this ambitious journey. According to a report by The Driven, the couple transformed it into a mobile renewable power station, equipped with a substantial battery pack and 830W of solar panels, all while keeping the weight under 750kg. 

These modifications not only enhance the caravan’s functionality but also symbolize a shift towards integrating renewable energy solutions in everyday travel.

The modifications include the addition of air conditioning, a king-sized bed, and the capability to store almost 16kWh of energy. This energy can be replenished through solar panels, a regular wall outlet, or a 15A caravan park socket, providing the flexibility to charge the Tesla Model 3 in off-grid situations. 

The caravan’s transformation is a testament to the couple’s engineering ingenuity and their commitment to making sustainable travel a practical reality.

As of now, the couple has successfully traveled over 5000km, journeying up the West coast of WA to Darwin and currently heading east into Queensland. 

This journey is not just a personal adventure but a live demonstration of the Tesla Model 3’s capabilities in long-distance travel and towing. It challenges preconceived notions about EVs and serves as a real-world test bed for the viability of electric vehicles in diverse and demanding conditions.

The Tesla Model 3, a vehicle not traditionally associated with rugged outback travel, is proving its mettle in this demanding journey. The car’s performance, when towing a caravan over long distances, is a crucial aspect of this expedition. 

It highlights the advancements in EV technology, showcasing that electric vehicles can indeed be viable options for varied and extensive travel needs.

As per a ResearchGate Study, the challenges of long-distance EV travel in Australia are manifold, especially when towing a caravan. The vast and often remote landscapes of Australia pose unique challenges in terms of charging infrastructure and range requirements. 

This journey is navigating these challenges, providing valuable insights into the practicalities and planning required for successful long-distance EV travel in such environments.

The growing trend of EV towing in Australia and New Zealand, as highlighted in the CleanTechnica report, reflects a broader shift in the perception and usage of electric vehicles. This journey is contributing to this evolving trend, showcasing that EVs can handle a range of travel demands, from urban commutes to adventurous caravan towing across continents.


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