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BIG4 Holiday Parks: Expanding and Enhancing the Holiday Park Experience

BIG4 Holiday Parks, a major player in the Australian holiday park industry, is expanding its reach through a renewed strategy. This strategy includes targeted marketing activity, increased digital support, and upgrades to its website and online booking system. 

BIG4 has added 90 new independent parks to their ‘website partner list’, functioning as a marketing co-operative since 1979 and supporting the holiday park industry in Australia.

Sean Jenner, CEO of BIG4 Holiday Parks, explains that they operate to support and grow the parks within their network. 

He notes that people who want to stay in a holiday park typically have to look at twice as many websites as other forms of accommodation. BIG4 aims to simplify this process by providing a one-stop solution for customers.

The expansion strategy is a response to the evolving holiday park market. BIG4 is exploring alternative ways to sustain the growth of the brand and the network. One such way is through website partner parks, as reported by Travel Weekly.

These parks do not necessarily need the BIG4 brand on their door but see an opportunity to partner with BIG4 to grow their bookings.

Since the pandemic, holiday parks have seen significant growth. They offer a great holiday experience for a fraction of the cost, especially for families and groups. This has led to a surge in demand and a fantastic discovery of the holiday park experience by a whole cohort of customers who may not have considered holiday park experiences before.

Holiday parks offer the real benefit of self-contained accommodation in your own cabin or bringing a campervan or caravan. They also offer shared experiences like a campfire or kitchen, or the jumping pillow or pool. This has led to an increase in group type bookings.

Queensland has seen strong growth, with both north and Southeast Queensland seeing the strongest occupancy. North Coast NSW and coastal Victoria, including places on the Great Ocean Road, are also strong. 

There is still good availability in some of these locations, especially those with great facilities like indoor pools for those looking to get away for a holiday this winter school break.

BIG4 Holiday Parks is leading the way in the holiday park industry with its innovative expansion strategy. By partnering with independent parks and offering a simplified booking process, BIG4 is meeting the increased demand for holiday park experiences since the pandemic. 

This not only benefits the parks within their network but also enhances the holiday experience for customers.

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March 21, 2024 9:38 am

I’m thrilled about BIG4 Holiday Parks’ efforts to expand with new amenities, eco-friendly practices, and personalized experiences. It’s awesome to see them leading in responsible and enjoyable holiday stays.

Kenneth Jackson
Kenneth Jackson
March 24, 2024 3:36 pm

Guess what I found out about BIG4 Holiday Parks? They’re really stepping up their game by adding cool new stuff and teaming up with travel pros to spread the word. It’s awesome to see them going all out to make our stays even better!


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