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Australian Caravan Industry Partners with ERC Protocol for Net-Zero Emissions

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) has announced a partnership with the Emissions Reduction Collective (ERC) Protocol to work towards net-zero emissions, responding to growing consumer demand for sustainable products and regulatory pressures. 

This collaboration aims to help businesses within the industry remain compliant and competitive in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is rising, with governments on both sides of the aisle committing to net-zero emissions targets. Investors are also seeking brands with strong environmental reputations, making sustainability a crucial factor for businesses in the caravan industry, according to a news release by the CIAA.

To address these trends, the caravan industry has partnered with ERC Protocol, a company with a proven track record in helping businesses achieve net-zero goals, including successful efforts in the Australian tourism sector.

The partnership with ERC Protocol offers numerous benefits to the caravan industry. These include attracting environmentally conscious employees, winning business from larger customers focused on sustainability, maximizing customer engagement, securing grants and funds, complying with new mandatory climate reporting laws, reducing operating costs, and ensuring long-term business viability. 

Transitioning to net-zero emissions presents both challenges and opportunities, enhancing the industry’s brand reputation and driving operational efficiencies.

The ERC Protocol provides a comprehensive suite of resources and support designed to help businesses achieve fast and sustainable results. 

Their product is inclusive, catering to all business sizes, and fit-for-purpose with features suitable for sole operators to large enterprises. The product aligns with key climate action principles, ensuring transparency and compliance with advanced options for businesses with specific regulatory needs.

Two key programs are offered by ERC Protocol to the caravan industry: the Business Climate Action Program (BCAP) and the Business Climate Action Program Advanced (BCAP Advanced).

The Business Climate Action Program (BCAP) is designed for sole operators, micro, small, and medium businesses with fewer than 25 full-time employees or less than AU$5 million in revenue. This program is ideal for smaller caravan parks and service businesses. 

BCAP offers a simple, online, self-guided five-stage path to developing an Emissions Reduction Plan. It includes access to monthly webinars and one-on-one support with a dedicated Sustainability Manager. 

Participants receive an Emission Reduction Plan, a dashboard, an accreditation badge, and a QR code to share their plan. The program is priced at AU$158 per year, with an optional upgrade for professional carbon accounting and reporting at AU$758 per year.

The Business Climate Action Program Advanced (BCAP Advanced) is aimed at larger businesses with more than 25 full-time employees or over AU$5 million in revenue, including large caravan parks and manufacturers. 

This advanced program includes comprehensive, auditable reporting and personalized service from carbon accounting and supply chain experts. Businesses can break down information into divisional data for better reporting and train staff as “green leaders.” 

Participants receive a tailored emissions reduction strategy, a comprehensive carbon footprint report, a dashboard, accreditation badges, and a communication package. Pricing is based on a quoted service level tailored to the business’s specific needs.

By adopting the ERC Protocol’s programs, businesses within the caravan industry can effectively navigate the transition to net-zero emissions, ensuring compliance with new regulations and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

As the industry continues to adapt, this partnership aims to reduce environmental impact and enhance the overall reputation and efficiency of businesses, ensuring long-term success in a rapidly changing market.

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