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Kerala’s Women-Friendly Tourism Initiative: Enhancing Inclusivity in Outdoor Recreation

India’s Kerala Tourism is set to launch a mobile app to bolster its ‘women-friendly tourism’ initiative, marking a significant step towards gender inclusivity in the state’s tourism sector. 

The State Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission), the nodal agency for implementing the project, has been tasked with preparing the app’s content. 

The initiative, which aligns with the UN Women’s ‘Gender Inclusive Tourism’ concept, was rolled out by Tourism Minister P A Mohamed Riyas in October last year.

Riyas highlighted the growing trend of women traveling to distant places either in groups or individually. 

Creating a conducive ambience for women tourists in the State is a policy priority of the government. The app on the women-friendly tourism project will make the visit to Kerala more pleasant and hassle-free for women,” he said.

The project aims to involve 1.5 lakh women from the state and is being implemented with the support of various organizations, including UN Women. It has set a target of creating 10,000 women ventures and 30,000 jobs in the tourism sector.

The mobile app, which marks the commencement of the project’s second phase, will provide information about tourism centers in Kerala. It will detail women-friendly tourism products and packages, resorts, hotels, women enterprises, recognized tour operators, women tour operators, travel agencies, homestays, and women tour guides.

The app will also include information about women-led handicraft and souvenir production and sales units, amenities like restrooms, camping sites, licensed houseboats, caravan parks, and ethnic cuisine units in various places, festivals, and experiential and adventure packages. 

RT Mission State Coordinator K Rupeshkumar confirmed that RT Mission has begun a massive information-gathering exercise for inclusion in the app, in addition to studying the safety of women in tourism centers.

Inclusive tourism is essential in the outdoor recreation and outdoor hospitality industries. By creating a conducive environment for all tourists, businesses can enhance the overall customer experience. 

Kerala’s ‘women-friendly tourism’ initiative is a prime example of this, demonstrating how inclusivity can lead to a more pleasant and hassle-free visit.

The initiative also has the potential to create significant economic opportunities, with the project aiming to create 10,000 women ventures and 30,000 jobs in the tourism sector. This not only empowers women but also contributes to the overall growth of the tourism industry.

Kaumudy Global also published a YouTube video that gives a deeper understanding of the state’s “women-friendly tourism” initiative. It provides an overview of the initiative and its aim to empower women.

Kerala’s ‘women-friendly tourism’ initiative and the upcoming mobile app represent a significant step towards inclusive tourism in the outdoor recreation and outdoor hospitality industries. 

By focusing on creating a conducive environment for all tourists and providing economic opportunities, the initiative is set to enhance the overall customer experience.


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