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Navigating Van Life: Insights from Richard and Jackie’s European Adventure

Richard and Jackie, the duo behind Early Retirement Wonderlust, embarked on a five-week journey exploring Northern Spain and the French Atlantic Coast, documenting their experiences with different types of accommodations for van lifers.

They delve into the nuances of choosing overnight spots without prior bookings, a practice that often led them to stay at campsites—a deviation from their usual preference due to limited free parking options.

Their adventure underscores the unpredictable nature of van life, where each day’s destination is a mystery until dawn, and the reliance on campsites becomes a novel experience, especially along the bustling French Atlantic Coast.

Throughout their travels, Richard and Jackie navigated the landscape of accommodations using tools like the ACSI card system, finding campsites with rates capped at 23 Euros per night.

They encountered a spectrum of camping experiences, from the rustic charm of Camping Albert near the beach to more upscale campsites complete with pools and children’s facilities. Their journey highlights the diversity of camping options available, from budget-friendly rustic sites to luxurious ones, emphasizing the variety that van lifers can expect on the road.

One of the intriguing aspects of their journey was the exploration of municipal sites, unique to French culture and run by local communities. These sites offer a more authentic and rustic camping experience, allowing Richard and Jackie to immerse themselves in the local environment.

They also discussed the convenience and simplicity of staying at “aires,” designated parking areas for campervans, which vary in quality and amenities. Their experience in a municipal air in Brittany exemplifies the community-run initiative to provide basic necessities for travelers, offering a glimpse into the communal spirit that supports van life.

The couple also touched upon unofficial park-ups, highlighting the use of apps like Park4Night to find overnight spots where camping is tolerated. They stressed the importance of being respectful to local communities and leaving no trace, an ethos central to the van life community.

This part of their journey shed light on the challenges of wild camping, especially along coastal areas where restrictions have tightened, reflecting a broader trend of diminishing free parking options for van lifers.

In summing up their experiences, Richard and Jackie offer a comprehensive overview of the options available to van lifers traveling through Europe. Their story is a testament to the flexibility and adventurous spirit required for van life, balancing the enjoyment of diverse camping experiences with the respect and consideration for local communities and fellow travelers.

Their journey provides valuable insights for both seasoned and aspiring van lifers, highlighting the importance of adaptability and respect for the environment and local norms in the pursuit of adventure on the open road.

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