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Page County Proposes Major Campground Ordinance Changes to Regulate Density, Enhance Landscaping

Page County (Virginia) is on the brink of implementing significant modifications to its campground ordinance, a report from WHSV revealed. 

The proposed changes aim to address concerns related to the density of campgrounds and the overall aesthetics of these recreational spaces. 

The county’s move comes as a response to the increasing popularity of camping and the subsequent need for better management of these spaces.

The report highlights the county’s intention to mandate more comprehensive site and landscaping plans for any new campground aspiring to commence operations in the region. 

This move is a proactive approach to ensure that campgrounds not only serve their primary purpose but also contribute positively to the county’s landscape.

One of the most significant aspects of the proposed amendments is the reduction in campground density. The county is considering lowering the number of campsites allowed per acre from 20 to 15. This change is expected to alleviate the crowdedness often associated with popular campgrounds, especially during peak seasons.

In addition to the reduction in the number of campsites per acre, the proposal also suggests an increase in the minimum size of each campsite. The current minimum size of 1,600 square feet is set to be increased to 1,800 square feet. This adjustment is in line with the county’s objective to offer campers a more spacious and comfortable experience.

The ordinance changes also delve into the specifics of open spaces within campgrounds. Depending on the total size of the campground, the amendments outline the proportion that must be designated as open space. Open spaces are crucial for recreational activities, safety, and the overall ambiance of the campground.

The emphasis on open spaces is not just a matter of aesthetics or recreation. Open spaces in campgrounds can serve as buffer zones in case of emergencies, provide habitats for local wildlife, and contribute to the overall environmental health of the region. The county’s focus on this aspect underscores its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism.

The proposed changes come after extensive research and consultation with stakeholders. The county believes that these amendments will strike a balance between promoting tourism and ensuring the well-being of both the environment and the visitors. The emphasis on landscaping and site plans is expected to elevate the overall camping experience in Page County.

The county will be conducting further reviews and seeking public opinion before finalizing the amendments. This inclusive approach ensures that all stakeholders, from campground owners to frequent visitors, have a say in the future of camping in Page County.

Page County’s proposed changes to its campground ordinance reflect a broader trend of local governments taking proactive measures to manage and enhance recreational spaces. By focusing on reducing density, increasing campsite sizes, and emphasizing the importance of open spaces, the county aims to offer a superior camping experience while preserving the region’s natural beauty.

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February 12, 2024 11:49 pm

It’s alarming that the proposed campground regulations in Page County are causing controversy. Some locals and campground owners worry that the changes may hinder tourism growth. They feel the focus on environmental well-being overlooks the economic benefits of a thriving tourism industry.

April 18, 2024 4:47 pm

Have you heard about Page County’s cool campground updates? They’re looking to make the camping experience more eco-friendly by adding recycling programs and energy-efficient facilities. Plus, they want to team up with conservation groups for cool educational opportunities on wildlife and ecosystems. Sounds like a win-win for campers and nature lovers!


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