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Luxury Campground Proposal in Townsend Faces Local Opposition

A recent proposal for a luxury campground  in Townsend, Tennessee has stirred up some controversy among the local residents.

The Townsend Planning Commission is currently reviewing a 27-acre plot of land on Old Tuckaleechee Road, already zoned for commercial use. In addition to this, discussions are underway to possibly rezone an extra 4.5 acres of land. 

These discussions coincide with a proposal from Nashville-based Yonder Hospitality for a luxury campground in Townsend.

Yonder Hospitality’s proposed campground would feature 130 cabins and RV spaces. However, this proposal has not been met without resistance.

Local resident Bill Myers, whose property is adjacent to the proposed site, expressed his concerns, stating, “I don’t want to listen to chainsaws and bulldozers for the next two years of my life.”

While some residents fear that their serene lifestyle might be disrupted, a representative from Yonder Hospitality assured that they aim to develop the site in a manner that minimizes disruption, while also boosting Townsend’s tourism revenue.

Despite these assurances, Myers remains skeptical. He worries that while tourism might profit, the locals who have lived there for years might lose out. “We’re going to lose everything, we’re going to lose our peace,” he said.

In response to the concerns, Yonder Hospitality presented two property proposals at a meeting, withdrawing the larger one in favor of a smaller 4.5-acre proposal. However, the planning commission voted against advancing this proposal to the Townsend Board of Commissioners, with a five to two vote.

Despite this setback, Yonder Hospitality still has the option to take the proposal directly to the Townsend Commissioners for a vote. 

However, the planning commission has recommended against it. This situation serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between development and preservation, a challenge that many campground initiatives may face.

The potential challenges and opposition that can arise when proposing new campground developments, particularly in areas where residents value tranquility and minimal tourism impact, underscores the importance of community engagement and careful planning in such initiatives.


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