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RVIA Standards Department Offers Comprehensive Training to Manufacturer Members

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) Standards Department is taking proactive steps to ensure safety and compliance within the industry. Recognized as one of the greatest benefits for its members, the department is now offering specialized training sessions for manufacturer members. These training modules aim to enhance the understanding and implementation of safety codes and regulations in RV manufacturing.

According to the information provided on RVIA’s official website, the Standards Department is instrumental in promoting safety across the RV industry. With a team of full-time professional inspectors, the department conducts over 2,000 inspections annually at member company RV manufacturing plants. These inspections are crucial for monitoring adherence to the standards set by the Board of Directors for the construction of RVs and park model RVs.

To assist manufacturer members in complying with safety codes and regulations, the Standards Department offers a range of educational resources and hands-on training sessions. These training modules are designed to cover essential topics such as the National Fire Protection Association 1192 and the National Electric Code.

The training sessions are often conducted in person at the member company’s location. However, in response to the evolving needs of the industry, virtual training options have also been introduced. This flexibility allows member companies to choose the training format that best suits their operational requirements.

The intended audience for these training sessions includes production line workers, quality control teams, plant managers, and group leaders. According to RVIA, through August of 2023, the Standards team has successfully conducted 13 training modules at seven different facilities, benefiting approximately 85 attendees.

Standards Inspector Nick Holobaugh emphasized the importance of these training sessions, stating, “We would like to get as much training as possible out to the member companies and their employees so products are built to meet the standard.” The training presentations often include numerous field photos and closely follow an accompanying handbook to ensure clarity and comprehension.

Fellow Standards Inspector Nate Tressler added, “We want everybody who attends the training to become more familiar with these standards, and they can also research it more in the handbook if they need to.” The training aims to provide a holistic understanding of why specific assembly procedures are crucial for safety and compliance.

The training presentations are designed to mirror the information that inspectors would provide in the field if they noticed a deviation. This approach ensures that the correct information reaches a broader audience, thereby promoting industry-wide compliance.

Each training section typically lasts between 45 to 60 minutes. However, some sections, such as those on heating and fuel systems, may require more time. The exact schedule can vary depending on the member company’s availability, offering flexibility in training delivery.

Manufacturer members interested in scheduling a training session, either virtual or in-person, can contact Bryan Ritchie, RV Industry Association vice president of standards, for further details.

The RVIA Standards Department’s training initiative is a significant step toward ensuring that RV manufacturers adhere to safety standards and regulations. As the industry continues to evolve, such training programs will play a pivotal role in maintaining the high quality and safety standards that consumers expect from RV products.

For RV manufacturers, this is an invaluable opportunity to enhance your team’s understanding of safety standards and regulations. The training not only equips staff with the necessary knowledge but also serves as an excellent resource for ongoing education and compliance.

In an industry where safety and quality are paramount, the RVIA Standards Department’s training program offers a comprehensive solution for manufacturer members. By participating in these training sessions, companies can ensure that they are at the forefront of safety and compliance, thereby securing a competitive edge in the market.

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February 21, 2024 11:41 am

I find it captivating that the RVIA training program integrates sustainable practices. It’s wonderful that the department provides follow-up support.

Barbara Scott
Barbara Scott
April 24, 2024 10:57 pm

Isn’t it cool that the RVIA Standards Department offers such thorough training to manufacturer members? It’s awesome how they provide not just in-person sessions but also online modules for continuous learning. The interactive quizzes and case studies must make learning about RV standards way more engaging and practical!


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