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Selina and TechnoArt Launch Global Innovation Summer Program for Startups

Selina Hospitality PLC, an experiential hospitality brand targeting millennial and Gen Z travelers, has announced the launch of registration for the TechnoArt@Selina Global Innovation Summer Cohort. 

As per a release, the program, developed in collaboration with TechnoArt, a renowned global innovation platform for startups, offers a unique opportunity for growing companies.

The three-week program aims to assist startups in scaling their businesses using Selina’s extensive network across 24 countries. 

Selected companies will gain the opportunity to live and work from Selina hotels, collaborating with other companies, mentors, advisors, and investors from around the globe. 

Participants will benefit from TechnoArt’s partner network for business development, legal and financial consulting, hosting, web services, marketing, and branding, with top-tier companies.

“At Selina, we strive to foster a vibrant, community-focused setting that unites travel, work, and networking,” said Sam Khazary, executive vice president and Global Head of Corporate Development at Selina.

“Our Corporate Development team is instrumental in this mission, acting as the catalyst that brings entrepreneurial spirit to life within our spaces. This partnership with TechnoArt underscores our commitment to support startups and innovation. It’s not just about providing a space to work and live, but also about cultivating a nurturing ecosystem for learning, growth, and business development. This initiative allows us to give back to the communities we operate in, whilst simultaneously fostering the inspiration and education needed for the next generation of global entrepreneurs.

Tristan Jehan, innovation partner at TechnoArt, said, “In an increasingly interconnected world, we’re seeing a new breed of entrepreneurs who are seeking to broaden their horizons, connect more deeply with their clients and partners online, and tap into untapped markets. This evolution, coupled with the burgeoning digital nomad community, heralds a refreshing approach to growth for tech companies. As advocates for this new wave of innovation, we at TechnoArt are thrilled to work alongside Selina’s team to offer this unique program. This initiative is designed not only to bolster the community but also to facilitate innovation, no matter where it originates. By integrating work, life, and travel, we aim to create an environment that stimulates growth, fosters collaboration, and empowers entrepreneurs to thrive on a global scale.”

The experiential hospitality industry is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of today’s travelers, who are increasingly seeking unique, immersive experiences that combine travel, work, and networking opportunities. 

The TechnoArt@Selina Global Innovation Summer Cohort is a perfect example of how experiential hospitality providers like Selina, are adapting to revolutionize traditional hospitality offerings. By providing startups with the resources, network, and environment to flourish, Selina is not only contributing to the growth of the startup ecosystem but also to the development of the experiential hospitality industry itself.

This initiative highlights the significance of collaboration between the hospitality and technology sectors in addressing the needs of modern travelers.

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Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
February 19, 2024 3:36 pm

Isn’t it remarkable how Selina and TechnoArt collaborate to elevate startups with the TechnoArt@Selina Global Innovation Summer Cohort? It’s like supercharging the entrepreneurial journey. Their dedication is genuinely captivating, don’t you think?

Megan Collins
Megan Collins
February 22, 2024 3:55 pm
Reply to  Jessica Jones

It’s genuinely impressive how Selina and TechnoArt are teaming up to support startups through the TechnoArt@Selina Global Innovation Summer Cohort. It’s authentic to see this kind of collaboration making a positive impact in the startup community. How do you think this program will supercharge the entrepreneurial journey?


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