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Local Veterans Seek to Buy American Legion Campground from Detroit Lakes

A services and management agreement for the American Legion Campground between the American Legion and the city of Detroit Lakes (Minnesota) has been renewed. According to a report, the approval came unanimously at the January 11 city council meeting.

As part of the deal, the Legion will receive a larger $80,000 instead of $60,000, split into quarterly payments. However, they will get less profit share in the campground (15% instead of 20%). Officials believe that regular payments could help cover costs instead of waiting for the annual profits and loss statement.

The agreement is in effect until 2023 and can be automatically renewed for two more years.

“Transitioning more of (the profits) into more of that base fee provides more of a steady income throughout the year,” said Kelcey Klemm, city administrator for Detroit Lakes, during a meeting of the city finance committee. Based upon past performance, the new proposed agreement would net the American Legion more compensation for managing the campground.

The Legion is likely to receive an additional $7,000 annually under the new contract, as per estimates submitted to the committee on finance.

The campground, which is located on West Lake Drive just across from the city’s mile-long beach, has 135 permanent lots and 20 to 30 transient lots, which are reserved for short-term rentals during the peak tourist season. Transient lots also produce lodging taxes for Detroit Lakes.

The Lake Region Color Guard members presented city council members and staff with a formal letter that outlined their desire to buy the American Legion Campground and Post 15 Building from the city.

Dunham stated that the group believed the sale should be within the $1.2 million range and was willing to negotiate.

They believe that if they owned the property entirely, the campground could raise more money for local veterans organizations than the money it currently receives from the city.

“We’re asking the city to come back with a number,” said Ted Fiskevold, secretary for the Lake Region Color Guard.

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Emma Ward
Emma Ward
April 3, 2024 6:29 pm

Have you heard about the potential sale of the campground and Post 15 Building to the Lake Region Color Guard? It’s crucial to think about how this could impact the community’s services.


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