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Goshen City Board of Works Approves Brinkley RV Project Agreement

The Goshen City Board of Works in Indiana recently approved an agreement for the completion of the Brinkley RV construction project. 

The company requested permission to occupy their new location at 1655 Brinkley Way East, stating that the remaining work, including landscaping and hard surfaces for parking and walkways, was delayed due to weather.

Redevelopment Director Becky Hutsell informed the board that the work would be completed by October 15, with most of it expected to be finished before then. 

The agreement allows occupancy of the factory only, with office occupancy granted upon final building inspection and approval.

However, during the meeting, City Clerk-Treasurer Richard Aguirre raised some concerns about the project. 

He questioned why surety bonds were not requested in the agreement, especially since this was one of the most high-profile projects in recent years.

He also questioned whether the city could impose penalties for lack of completion, but was unable to recall.

Aguirre also presented concern that parts of the building were already being used, even though the approval hadn’t come yet. The company has two other buildings under construction nearby, with site plans for others.

In response, Hutsell explained that contingency was built into the bond due to issues with contracting and supply chain issues, a city first, at about $2 million. 

She also assured the board that the company was not fully operational out of the new building yet.

Other items that came before the board included an amendment to a contract with Abonmache Consulting for Starcraft Lift Station for $40,100, bringing the total cost for the contract to $90,000. The board also accepted a water utility easement for Lippert at 3048 Skyview Drive.

Despite Aguirre’s concerns, the Brinkley RV construction project is moving forward, with occupancy expected soon.

Goshen City Board of Works approving the Brinkley RV construction project agreement signals progress in the completion of a new RV location. 

The Brinkley RV construction project will provide a new facility for the company, which could lead to increased RV sales and rentals, and potentially bring more visitors to the area.

Furthermore, the delays in completing the project due to weather and supply chain issues highlight the challenges faced by the outdoor hospitality industry. 

This information may be valuable for other businesses in the industry, as they can prepare for similar issues and delays in their own projects.

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March 19, 2024 8:57 am

It seems like the Brinkley RV Project is revving up in Goshen! The Board of Works is on the ball, ensuring a smooth journey to the finish line by October 15.

March 22, 2024 6:24 am
Reply to  WandaGlimmer

You’re right on the money! The Brinkley RV Project is like a well-oiled machine. It’s all gas, no brakes!

Iris Flight
Iris Flight
April 18, 2024 12:21 am

Isn’t it great to see the Goshen City Board of Works backing the Brinkley RV project? Their dedication to progress and community growth is really admirable. The teamwork between the board and Brinkley RV is setting a positive example for future projects. So encouraging!


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